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Gratitude Towards Your Body

This week I fell down the stairs and injured my back/hip/tail. I’m in pain and it’s hard to move…

My go-to feeling when I’m sick, injured, laid up – is FRUSTRATED. I’m a physical being who needs to move in order to feel complete. I detest being forced to be still.

I had to teach a class this week – the topic? GRATITUDE for your body. Reframing our negative voices about our body into giving thanks.


Ice Pack, check. Gratitude, check.

As I was sitting there with an ice pack on my a$$…I thought, “Holy crap…thanks Universe.”

Because here was the opportunity to actually stand in my frustration, reframe my attitude towards my body, and then teach a class on it…

So that’s what I did. I centered myself, took a piece of paper, and wrote 5 things that I was grateful for in that moment about my body…

  1. I am strong, so I’m bruised but not broken.
  2. I have padding on my butt which cushioned my fall.
  3. I can still write, create, work.
  4. I can feel pain – which informs my movement and protects me from further injury.
  5. I am courageous in my ability to ask for help.

What are your 5 things?

Gratitude is a powerful tool to bring into your toolbox of Self Compassion. It helps turn your attitude from “UGH this body is too __(fill in the blank)__ or not enough..” to “My body is fantastic and I’m grateful for it. Click here for an actionable step to take right now on your journey of loving the skin you’re in.

Peace, S



The Gratitude Journal

There’s a time in my life I don’t revisit much. It happened. It’s over. Move along. Lately though, I’ve noticed how many gems I carry with me in my pockets because of that time. These gems were tumbled in heartbreak, betrayal and relationship addiction, but are now shiny and smooth and…really important. And though I wouldn’t wish that time or those feelings on my worst enemy, I am grateful for the experience because it taught me some great stuff.

One of the best of these was a Gratitude Journal.

At the worst of this time, when I was putting one foot in front of another plodding through repetitive heartbreak and manipulation…I read a great book.  It was called, “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach .

The book was so beautiful and simple and it helped me to remember that during tough stuff, you can find simple things to be grateful for.

Her recommendation was to start a Gratitude Journal – and write down 3 things that you were grateful for in your life. So, day after day for a while here is what I wrote…every day…

  • A roof over my head.
  • Food in my refrigerator.
  • Friends and family who love me.

What is so funny about this to me is that now, I could fill a book on a daily basis of the things I am grateful for…heck I’m grateful for EVERYTHING now.

But it started here…with these three things and these were all I could think of at the time.  I remember my friend Antay said after I whined to him for the millionth time about my desire to have all of these remaining feelings just to GO.AWAY. He wisely said, “You can’t tip the bucket of love over Sarah; you have to let it slowly evaporate.”

So as I climbed out of the pit, I would write my three things down. And soon, it turned into 5 things and they were new and different. And after that, they became too countless to write…

Gratitude is a powerful healer. It puts you in the position of seeing all things good and bad as opportunity. It grants hope. It changes your goggles from the inside out. All of a sudden, I started being thankful for the sunrise, for the rain tapping on the cars outside of my apartment window, for a walk around a lake, for a job, for people who enriched my life, and for CHALLENGES. Because it is within challenges that we grow…especially if we can stay grateful for them. I am even grateful for the heartache…

The Gratitude Journal is a simple tool, but a lifechanging one. Give it a go. And when you’re in the midst of your life and you are pissed off, frustrated, stressed, or in pain – take a deep breath (or 5) and think of 3 things in that situation that you can be thankful for.  Then, keep doing it.

May your gems shine.


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It’s all going south.

I like it when three completely different things present themselves to you as gifts from the Universe and they all illustrate the same thing in different ways.

First thing – A conversation with my neighbor Joan. We were talking about our parents getting older and how difficult that is for us to see. For each of us the takeaway was to MOVE AS MUCH AS WE CAN, WHILE WE CAN.

Second thing – I’m at the gym in the changing room and the beautiful women of the Water Aerobics are drying off and naked. And most of them are senior citizens. They are laughing and seemingly at home and content in their bodies. They are beautiful. They are fit. I admire them. I want to be like them when I grow up.

Third thing – a woman came to my class. Lovely, strong, full of life. She is living with Multiple Sclerosis. And when I asked the class to run down a hill, she wept. She wept because she used to be able to run down hills, and now she can’t. Now, with a determined look on her face, she concentrates on her balance and she walks down that hill. This woman was a runner, a mountain climber, a MOVER. She grieves the loss of ability in her body, and yet pushes herself to do her very best in what she CAN do.

We spend a lot of energy….wait, no, we WASTE a lot of energy disliking our bodies and wishing that they were different. So much energy wasted despising, wishing, working, coveting, loathing….

And here’s the deal people. It’s all going south. For each and every one of us eventually….it’s all going south. Eventually the skin sags around the muscle and things loosen up. Unless you are going to get a body lift (is there even such a thing?) it’s coming for all of us…

So when are we going to love ourselves? Love this shell that we’ve been given that holds our beautiful selves? Take care of it, move it, stretch it…but moreover – be grateful that we CAN do what we do.

If we take a wider view of our beautiful selves…not so myopic on our bellies, butts, jiggly arms, sagging jowels and zoomed out a bit. Maybe we could see how lovely we are as a whole. How nice it is to be right where we are…right here, right now.

Love the body you’re in. It’s part of wellness. Let go of the blaming, shaming, self-disgust, frustration. Embrace love, admiration, celebration and delight.

Please. And please stop letting marketing and sales geniuses define what beautiful is. It’s crap. Healthy? Yes. Eating well because it contributes to your wellness? Yes. Moving because it makes you feel good inside and out? Yes. But dieting yourself into submission because people say that’s what size you ‘should’ be? No. Working out obsessively because you want to look like xyz? No.

It’s all going south people.

Until then. Love your beautiful selves. Be grateful. Delight in yourself. Focus on health and wellness. Spread love around to others….and to yourself.