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Fall Workout #5

Here’s a fun one. Some tips:

  • Grab a friend to do this one with. It is nice for accountability and because this workout is a long one.
  • The skips are about ‘how high can I get’ not ‘how far can I get.’
  • The lunges are 3 on the right, three on the left.
  • You can make your plank rolls easier by doing them wide legged and letting your feet flop to one side or another as you do the side planks.
  • Adjust pushups higher (countertops are great)to lighten the load.

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Rest as needed, but shoot for resting at the end of the round. Do as many rounds as you can for 20 minutes.

Have fun! xo


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Fall Workout #3

I like this one, which features slow and controlled movements. Especially this time of year when I’m not feeling like going all out.

Take your time and enjoy a walk or run or walk AND run – notice what’s going on around you. See that everything around you is slowing down a bit and preparing for winter.

Then enjoy some slow strength work.


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My favorite time of year. It’s also the time of year that my body and mind are tired from the season of training and teaching. I start wanting to cocoon and make soup.

In years past, I fought it. I felt like something was WRONG with me that I didn’t have the same drive and energy that I did in the Spring and Summer. Sometimes it kind of stressed me out. I felt really uncomfortable with my lack of drive and energy. So I would ‘push through’ and work out anyway, or go for a run anyway, or etc. etc. etc. anyway.

I’ve been riding on that bus for awhile and it’s time I stepped off. I’m confident that it will make me a little uncomfortable and insecure. “I’m going to lose strength, endurance, gain weight – (blah blah blah).”

This year, I’m going to try something a little different. This Fall, I plan on tending to my spirit, my body, my mind. I’m going to try rolling with it. Because maybe we’re supposed to chill out and slow down as the days get shorter and the temperatures cool.

(The irony is that it’s perfect weather to be working out in.)

I’ve found that being gentle with your beautiful self is kinda the answer in most situations. Listening to yourself. Tuning into what you REALLY NEED.

So this Fall – when I want to curl up on my couch and have a cup of tea and a read good book instead of hitting the weight room, I’m going to give myself permission. And I’m not going to worry about losing condition of my body – because I’m working out something else. I’m tending to something else. I NEED something else.

And it’s ok. I’ll hit the gym or go for a walk as the red, yellow and orange leaves fall around me…tomorrow. Or maybe not.

Peace.Love.Joy. and Happy Autumn to you.