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Fall Workout #2

Well it’s Monday. And it has been a hell of a day no? So I’m going to just plop this right here without a bunch of yapping.

Let me know if you have any questions. This is a bouncy workout – so make sure to warm up and afterwards dynamically stretch out your calves (bunny hops, walking lunges, inchworms.) If you want to bring this workout down a bit, you can take the bounce out.
Copy of dazzle
Have fun and let me know how it goes. I’m doing it tomorrow:)
xo, S


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The Work

A friend and I were talking yesterday about how DOING THE WORK IS HARD.

It’s no wonder that we get sheepish clients that come back again and again with guilty faces saying, “I didn’t do any of the exercises you asked me to do last week.”

Yep. We get it. It’s hard.

But it’s also where ALL OF THE SUCCESS IS. We show you where the mine is, but you have to get in there with your pick and shovel and headlamp and mine your gems.

You spend one hour a week with us (sometimes less if you’re bi-weekly or monthly) but the rest of the time – you’re on your own.

I want you to know that we (teachers, trainers, body workers, healers) TOTALLY understand. We have to do the work too! We understand that it’s a drag to:

  •                Exercise
  •                Stretch
  •                Meditate
  •                Take care of your sweet self with water, food, care
  •                Do physical therapy exercises
  •                Do the yoga class
  •                Do the little exercises the chiropractor has assigned
  •                Do your SomaYoga practice
  •                Do Core Stabilization exercises
  •                Do ALL of the things that support your body, mind, spirit

THE SECRET: You just have to do the work.

If you think we want to do the LIST OF THINGS that we have to do, you are woefully mistaken. Just like you…we’d rather not. We’d love it if we could just be strong, agile, flexible, uninjured, fast, have endurance without any work…but we can’t. No one can.

Consistency is the key.


And that consistency comes from within. It comes from within YOU. It’s about saying, “Idontwanna” and doing it anyways or doing something else on the list.

And sadly, unless you have a trainer, physical therapist, massage therapist, SomaYoga teacher, yoga teacher, chiropractor, or coach LIVING WITH YOU 24/7 (wouldn’t that be great?) you simply have to getterdone.

It’s not sexy. But I am telling you the TRUTH. Your success is dependent on you working the program all of the other hours of the day, week, month, year. Another tip? Remembering that wellness never has a arrival point. So that means you’ll be working the program…for life. Embrace it :).

We’ll be here – cheering you on so hard.

Peace, Sarah

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Spring into Spring – Easing in

It’s Spring!  The grass is greening up here in the upper Midwest and the snow has melted and the birds are singing.  And my favorite – the days are getting longer.  Isn’t it a great time of year?

Spring is such a metaphor for life.  Renewal.  Rebirth.  Refresh.  All the RE words come around in the spring.  It’s been a cozy, dark, nestled in winter and now it’s time to transition into warmer temps.  Everything, including ourselves, is stirring and stretching and readying itself for more movement and activity.

What does that look like for you?  Are you just getting going again after some time off from moving?  Are you just starting out?  I wrote out just starting out last year at this very time of year in Spring Into Exercise.

I think easing back in is helpful.  Sometimes we are so excited to get out there and start moving, that we do too much, get super sore, and then don’t keep moving!

What if we moved into Spring slowly – transitioning into activity just like the buds on the trees and the daffodils poking up through the ground?  Letting the winter slowly melt within and inviting in some thaw?

What would that look like?

*Go for a stroll.  Breathe deeply and notice things coming back to life.

*Go for a walk/run.  Run a block with ease and walk a block.

*Stretch in the cool sunshine. Bring your towel outside and a jacket and enjoy the sun on your face as you move your body.

*Peruse a summer class.  What looks interesting for when you want to move more intentionally.

*Go for a bike ride.

*Explore some interesting, attainable goals – maybe you want to walk a 5k for charity, maybe you want to do your first triathlon, maybe you want to hike on a camping trip, maybe you want to make this your season to start strength training.  What lights you up?  How do you want to move your body this spring/summer?

It’s hard not to dive in and GOGOGO.  I understand.  But consider unfurling slowly allowing yourself to ease into summer.  Enjoy the delicious increase in energy (thank you sunshine and fresh air) that starts to flow through you.  And then?  Move with pleasure.

If you haven’t yet, please click here to join my e-mail list – that’s where I spread the love with free workouts, classes and special offerings.  Happy Spring to you!

Much peace!



Why Strength Train? A manifesto…

“Muscle is metabolically active tissue that is highly responsive to the stimuli of progressive resistance exercise. With appropriate training, muscles grow and become stronger; without appropriate training, muscles diminish and become weaker.” –American Council on Exercise

I have so many people that ask me about how to lose weight. And even though my message is about loving yourself and embracing yourself wherever you are on your wellness journey, I get it. I think you can love yourself and still want to be healthier and want to make changes.

The problem is there’s a lot of shaming stuff out there. Stuff that makes you feel less than. Especially about nutrition. I’m not going to talk about that today. But I will say this – if you can just be as consistent as possible with eating really good, really whole food in healthy amounts. That would probably be all you’d need to get you where you want to be. In addition, if you are eating when you aren’t hungry, start journaling and figure out what emotions trigger you to use food for comfort. Then, you can start really giving yourself what you need emotionally instead of turning to food…which doesn’t really comfort you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND “Women, Food and God” by Geneen Roth. Or, check out her website at www.geneenroth.com.

Ok I digress. So after the food thing can get looked at with some tenderness and care, the next thing is STRENGTH TRAINING. Yeppers – it’s time to GET STRONG.

And here’s why – (thank you American Council on Exercise for giving me some fantastic words around all of this) READ THE WHOLE LIST…IT WILL BLOW YOUR EVER-LOVIN’ MIND.

*Feeling STRONG. Important…no?

*A decrease in depression.

*Improved posture.

*Improved tensile strength in tendons and ligaments.

Improved bone mineral density which may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

*Injury prevention. – Muscles serve as shock absorbers and balancing agents. Balanced muscle development reduces the risk of overuse injuries that result when one muscle group is strong and the opposing muscle group is weak.

*Raised resting metabolic rate. Even during sleep, resting skeletal muscles are responsible for more than 25% of the body’s calorie use. More muscle = higher metabolic rate. In a matter of WEEKS you can improve your resting metabolic rate.

*Improves metabolism. – After a hard workout – you can raise your metabolic rate by 7-8% for 3 DAYS.

*Results in more calories burned on a daily basis.

*Raised lean muscle mass looks pretty good on a body – enhanced self confidence.

*Improved body composition, which reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

*Lowers resting blood pressure.

*Improves blood lipid profiles.

*Facilitates movement of food and waste through gastrointestinal system. Four months of basic resistance exercise increases GI transit speed by 56% in older men!! Why is this important? May reduce risk of colon cancer!!

*Stronger muscles = reduction or disappearance in low back pain.

*Reduced pain of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

*Improved functional ability in older adults – Also in one study, older adults who performed 6 months of circuit training experienced positive adaptations in 179 GENES associated with age and exercise, giving their muscles mitochondrial characteristics similar to those of young adults.

Taken together…these benefits enhance the quality of life and lower the risk of premature all-cause mortality.

Now…let’s talk about aging.

Age alert…Physical capacity decreases dramatically with age in non-strength training adults due to an average 5-pound per decade loss of muscle tissue. You want to maintain your physical capacity and performance? Make strength training a regular part of your life.

BUT GUESS WHAT ELSE – that 5-pound per decade muscle loss leads to a 3% per decade reduction in your resting metabolic rate. That reduction = weight gain. When less energy is required for daily metabolic function, the calories that were previously used by muscle tissue (that has since atrophied due to disuse) are stored as fat.


Everyone wonders why they gain weight as they get older…this is why. “But I’m not eating any differently”…you don’t need to! Your reduction in muscle is doing the trick.

So, if you’re a person who grew up in the 80’s…we were told cardio, cardio, cardio. For the good of your heart, you bet! Get some cardio exercise in a way that pleases you. But for the love of all things good and right in the world…STRENGTH TRAIN.

And before you go all crazy and start doing plyo pushups or go buy some crazy DVD’s…I’d like to urge you to visit your nearest trainer or a gym with trainers. Why? Because then you can learn about form. Trainers can help you learn how to do strength exercises properly. Most trainers are taught to ‘straighten before you strengthen’ and that simply means – we’ll look for postural deviations and weaknesses and help you correct those before adding load to your work. This helps prevent injury.

Ok. Woohoo! Get after it. 

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Getting Ready – Spring into EXERCISE

Can you feel it? Everything thawing, melting and wanting to grow?

That’s you too. You’re ready to grow. Can you feel it stirring – your desire to move?

Exercise is a hard thing to stir into your mixing bowl sometimes. Is this the year? Is this the time that you want to add it? But how to start?

I’m a big fan of one small step.

Today – just go outside and walk around the block. Or down the street and back again. Feel the fresh air moving into your body. Feel the sun on your face. Feel the beauty of putting one foot in front of the other.

And don’t let your fears stop you. Don’t let the “are people looking at me?” or the “am I jiggling when I walk?” or “I look ridiculous.” or the “this is too hard.” or the “you can’t do this.” stop you.

Don’t let ANYTHING stop you.

Because friend, you can do anything. Anything.

Just step outside your door and believe.

And then? Do it again tomorrow.


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Manage your energy, not your time.

TIME.TIME.TIME. I don’t have time. What time is it? There’s never enough time in the day. I’m late. Time to go. Our budgeting of time really takes up a lot of space no?

Have you ever heard something – and it’s a game changer? I was recently at a seminar for women in business with a cool facilitator named Julie Delene. At one point during the seminar, Julie said, “Manage your energy,…not your time.”



Personally speaking, learning this particular lesson has been a long row to hoe, but I tell you if you can get this one figured out? You are getting some things dialed.in.

The challenge I hear often as a trainer is “not having enough time”. And you know what? It’s valid. In this day and age, it’s hard to carve out some time and space for yourself to exercise and do some self care.

But I propose that it is in this space – and in the honoring of this space – that you can bring some balance back into your life.

It seems like everyone’s forgotten themselves. They forget to put themselves in the mix. They give to their kids. They give to their house. They give to their partner. They give to their job. They give to their friends. They give to their family. They give to their spiritual community. They give to their volunteer work. They give to their kids’ school. They give and give and give and give.

But they never ask, what do I need?

So. What about you? Are you creating some space for you to move and honor your health? Are you creating some space for some self-care in whatever form that takes? Are you taking time for quiet? Are you taking time to refill your well in whatever form works for you? (For me it’s quiet, tea, book, or a run with loud music…)

Because these are energy fillers. These are things that fill your energy well.

It takes some doing. It really does. You have to CARVE it out from somewhere. And the worry of many is that some other things will suffer…


But what about you?

Making time to exercise and fill your well does a few things:
*You honor yourself as part of the equation. If you’ve forgotten yourself, now – you remember.
*You are expending energy yes, but you are also creating energy.
*You are filling your well that may be depleted from all of the giving.
*You are upping the chemicals in your body that = HAPPINESS.
*You are feeling more confident as the result of moving your body.
*You are more relaxed.
*You are more ‘ready’ to deal with the things on your list.

If we paid more attention to our well of energy instead of our time, we’d be more in balance. If we were MINDFUL of that delicate balance within, we’d pay more attention to the energy credits/debits of our souls.

What feeds you? What fills your well? What nourishes your spirit? How do you replenish?

What drains you? What do you need to replenish from? What taxes you?

It is a checks and balances of sorts. And so many people concentrate on the time aspect –doing this from x time to z time without paying attention to their energy. Not paying attention to the fact that they.are.tapped.out.

Manage your energy, not your time. Give it a shot for one week. Pay attention to your beautiful self for one week. Are you tired? Sleep. Are you stressed? Exercise. Are you disconnected? Meditate. Are you…whatever? Meet that withdrawal with a deposit. Try to keep your well full for one week. You are so worth it.



Low Intensity Exercise vs. High Intensity Exercise

I was doing some studying and continuing ed stuff and something came up that I thought I’d address. I want to address it because it’s an old-school fallacy. However I’m a little nervous that the result of reading it will be a bunch of interval training…which is not the point.

So let me start by saying this. In all things – Balance.is.the.key.

Back in the 80’s or so, besides having very large hair…many many many people (myself included) bought into the belief that low intensity, steady state cardio was the KEY to burning the most fat.

Not true.

Even though low intensity exercise burns the most fat calories, total calorie burning is HIGHER with a higher intensity workout. And total calories burned no matter WHERE those calories come from determines the amount of weight lost.

So. What does this mean? Does it mean that every workout that you do should be all out and super intense (thus the huge increase in HIIT – ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ popularity and Tabata training?) No. Should high intensity workouts be a part of your workouts at all? Well, that depends on what your goals are and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Also – what does high intensity training look like to an overweight person? And what does it look like to an older person? And what does it look like for a person that is sedentary? And what does it look like for a person who is just trying to bring some wellness into their lives?

At the end of the day – High Intensity Training as shown on tv, as bought in dvds, as shown by athletes – may not be appropriate for all people.

The body is an amazing, miraculous machine that reponds pretty quickly to the forces put upon it. First, you have to determine what your goals are. THEN you decide your modalities to get toward your goals.

Do you want to be more toned? Do you want to be flexible? Do you want to be strong? Do you want to move your body for 20-40 minutes without stopping? Do you want to be able to move through your life without throwing your back out? Do you want to be healthy inside and out? Do you want to have a vital mind, body, spirit connection?

I suggest that unless you are training for something specific, that you consider that your answer to all of the above questions (in some shape or form that feels good for you) is YES.

Flexibility. Strength. Cardiovascular/respiratory Endurance. Mind, Body Spirit. And a happy by-product – a healthy Body Mass Index. These are the legs of the table of fitness. And if you consider all of these different and varied aspects to fitness to be important, you’re going to have to take a multi-dimensional approach to your training.

What does that look like?
1) Do something in moderation every day – go for a walk, garden, go for a nice bike ride with your family, go sledding.
2) Once or twice a week breathe hard – walk fast, jog, ride your bike fast, climb hills.
3) Stretch yourself after you do these things for :15-:30 seconds – front of your legs, back of your legs, calves, side stretches, hug yourself, open your arms and stretch out your chest. Or go to YOGA, which combines stretchy, strength and mind-body-spirit! BAM.
4) Lift heavy things – do some pushups, squats, lunges, toe touches.
5) And finally breathe – get centered, stay in the present, live with your highest intention, be kind to yourself and others, love.

Balance, Balance, Balance.