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T3 – Two Trainers Talking

T3 is a podcast (or as we like to say a vodcast, because there is video.) Two Trainers Talking was born out of the idea that fitness shouldn’t be like a puzzle to figure out. That it could be made simpler, more affordable, and accessible.

T3 is made up of two trainers – me and the amazing Theresa Horne. Theresa trains people in Jackson, Michigan and owns/operates Sisterhood of Strong. We connected via social media and decided to collaborate and share what we have learned generously from our hearts and spirits.

Some of the best information and ideas come out of having conversations. T3 is just that – two trainers just talking about various topics that we think would be helpful.

Episode 1 – The Importance of Self Care/Mother’s Day
Sometimes we put ourselves last and forget to care for ourselves. In this episode, we talk about how important it is to remember to put yourself into the mix of care.

Episode 2 – Summer Eating & Nutrition Ideas
There are often a lot of events during summertime – barbecues, graduations, weddings. How do you navigate these events supporting your wellness goals? We’ll tell you what we do and give some ideas.

Episode 3 – Goalsetting
If you have a hard time sticking to your fitness goals, this episode is for you. We give actionable tools to help you set and reach your goals.

You can also follow us at the T3 – Two Trainers Talking Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.