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Summer Strength Series

Have you felt weak? Depleted? Listless? Energy-less?

I get it. I used to feel that way too…and then something kind of miraculous happened – I took my first Bootcamp class. From that moment I realized that feeling strong on the outside…helped me feel strong on the inside.

Uncover your STRENGTH. Join me for the Summer Strength Series. Six weeks of unique classes to grow stronger – body, mind and spirit.

Worried that it will be too much or too hard? Nope. Every class will offer you options and help you make the movements your own.

Here’s what people are saying:

I am signed up. I like feeling strong. Sarah offers safe space to be where you are each an every day (and every day can be different). – Karen

I have taken many of Sarah’s classes, but her Strength Series is definitely a favorite. She makes her classes accessible for all fitness levels, and I always leave feeling amazing. Do something good for yourself – sign up!! – Ailie

If you’re ready to feel strong inside and out…join the Summer Strength Series.

Summer Strength Series
Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday
July 18 – August 17
7:30 am – 8:30 am
The Den 600 W. 7th St.

Yoga (Soma/Vinyasa) – Come get centered and build your strength from the inside out.

Combo Class – ½ Bootcamp ½ Yoga – Taught to EVERY level.
*Wear your sneakers*

Yoga Strong – Yoga with added strength components – bodyweights and handweights.

All Class Pack
15 Classes for 170.00

2 Day a Week Pack
10 Classes for 125.00

1 Day a Week Pack
5 Classes for 70.00

Drop-In – Cash/Check (Turino Fitness)
15.00 per class

To register and pay – Click this link to register: http://eepurl.com/cUhRXf
You’ll get a confirmation e-mail with payment information. 🙂