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Cut the crap…

February is Self-Care and Self-Love Month. Here’s an idea:

Start really noticing what you’re allowing in…

Not so very long ago, I loved fashion magazines. (I know it’s hard to believe because I look like a sweaty mess most of the time, but I love fashion.) But I started noticing that sometimes I felt crappy after looking at the magazines. I somehow felt…not enough or less than when I exposed myself to them.

So, I stopped reading those magazines.

I don’t seek out stuff that triggers my ‘less-thans’ (fitness sites, social media, some people’s websites, fashion magazines, RHO___.)

I especially avoid them on those those days when I just feel a little poopy. On those days, I make sure that what I’m putting in supports the whole of me – feeds the real and essential me.

Also, consider dropping the stuff that agitates you and pisses you off. Politics get you all wound up? Maybe step slowly away, or control your intake. Maybe start blocking people in your feed that keep posting disturbing things.

Start noticing the crap that makes you feel like crap and serve as the gatekeeper for your own beautiful self.

You’re worth it.

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And I said to my body…


The first time I saw this…I wept. The biggest gift of self-love we can give is to set down the battering stick that we use on our bodies.

Our bodies are miracles. They hold us up, move us around, allow us to express and receive love. They heal us, allow us to feel, and think.

We are. YOU ARE a miracle wrapped in beautiful package.

Make peace. Spend the energy that you’d normally spend on flagellating yourself, loving yourself.

You are so worth this gift.

Namaste, S

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Self Care – Idea

This month, challenge yourself to do ONE small thing each day to show yourself love and care.

One small thing.

Each day.

Don’t let the things that normally stop you from self-care get in your way. (In yoga teacher training, we call those ‘confusion strategies’ – things that we design ourselves to hinder our own growth, care or understanding.)

Step sweetly out of your own way and do this for your highest good.

Be creative!

Pedicure too expensive? – Lotion your feet.
No time for yoga? – Take 3 deep breaths during your day.
Can’t make time for exercise? – Drink one more glass of H2O each day.

Sometimes people say they don’t have enough money for self care…self care doesn’t have to cost a thing. https://turinofitness.com/2016/02/09/self-care-month-i-cant-afford-it/

Here’s the invitation – Make yourself a priority in your own life.

You’re worth it.

Namaste:) S

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Idea – Self Care

It’s February – and every year in February I like to help us all remember to take our self-care and self-love seriously. So here’s an exercise for you to try:
Brainstorm a list of things that please you, light you up, bring you joy. Don’t let anything stop you from writing it down – including time, money…whatever. Don’t let “it’s not possible” stop you from dreaming.

Trip to Paris? Write it down.
Cup of tea and a good book? Write it down.
Massage? Write it down.
Exercise? Write it down?
Date night? Write it down.
Knit? Color? Girl’s Night? A house cleaned by someone else?
Write it down.

Give yourself permission to dream. And allow the things on your list to be soul-drenching.

Then, take a highlighter out and highlight the ones that are feasible and do-able and simply have to happen this month.

Click on this link for a free and printable February calendar if you need one.

Choose five. (More if you like.)

Schedule them.

Why? Very simply because you’re worth it.

And when you take care of yourself, you can better serve the world. Let February be a kickstart for self-love and self-care year round.

Namaste, S

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self soothing

The energy around me is sucking out my life force like the dementors in Harry Potter right now. Social media is filled with anger and hate and fear. It’s swirling all around.


How about you? Do you notice that with all this negative talk swirling around that you feel depleted?

What can you do to take care of yourself when you feel agitated, angry, sad, frustrated, fearful, upset, depressed or anxious? Here are some ideas:

Drink water
Eat a rainbow
Be creative
Come to class
Smile at a stranger
Start cutting out the negative influences

Really make nourishing yourself a priority. You’re worth it.


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Response from Gap, Inc.

In response to my letter “C’mon Gap” complaining about photoshopping and using emaciated models, Gap, Inc. sent me this letter below.


Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. I’ll do what I did with the Athleta complaint, start watching their ads and hoping that they’ll start representing real girls and real women.

One drop causes one ripple causes one wave. Fingers Crossed.

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C’mon GAP

Dear Art Peck – CEO of Gap & Jeff Kirwan – President of Gap

Awhile back I wrote a blog about Athleta and their non-use of any women of color in their catalogues.

Now same company, different division needs some of our attention.

Gap. C’mon with the emaciated models who have been photoshopped within an inch of their lives. Women don’t have thigh gaps like that unless they’re starving themselves…is that what you want to promote? Seriously??

There was a string of talk by women here in Saint Paul about your ads and how disappointed they are that you market such images. In this Facebook group, there are 400 women. 400 women. That’s a focus group. And all of us are disgusted.

I’m going to give you some feedback – ready? I buy your jeans. And I am a big, strong girl. I lift weights and have a bodacious ass and muscular thighs. I buy your t-shirts. They are long enough for my torso and are fitted beautifully. MOST OF THE CLOTHES IN MY WARDROBE ARE FROM GAP.

So come in real close here, cuz I’m going to whisper something to you…

I’m your customer. I spend some cash at your stores and online. I have a GAP card! AND YOU ARE MISSING THE MARK PROMOTING STARVING WOMEN WITH NO MEAT ON THEIR BONES. It makes no sense!!!!! You sell great products – why do you have to pander to absolutely unrealistic images set forth by whom…??? The market?


Watch the movie “Embrace” and see that there is a rolling thunder of women who are f(*&&king TIRED of this bulls(*&t.

So tired.

Do better.

For the love of women everywhere…do better.

If you want to make your voice heard, contact Mr. Peck or Mr. Kirwan. You can mail or call them at

San Francisco
2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

There’s no way to e-mail them, but you can shoot an e-mail to their press department at press@gap.com.

Here’s are more links: http://www.gapinc.com/content/gapinc/html/topnavtoolbar/contactus.html#headquarters

Let’s do this.

Sarah Turino – Turino Fitness – Saint Paul, MN