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Tired of the voices in your head telling you that your body is TOO BIG? Or that you’re not the RIGHT SIZE? Or that your pants are TOO LARGE?


Are you ready to start learning to Love The Skin You’re In?


I’m looking for 10 women to join me for 4 weeks of turning the table on how we talk to ourselves. If that voice is wearing you down and making you feel crappy about yourself…this is for you.

“If you want to literally feel the change/results that you work for permeating thoughout all of the cells in your body, your mind, your core, your essential person, your spirit–then you should choose the gift that is Sarah Turino.” – Jeanine

“Sarah has a real gift in recognizing that most people need more than burpees and barbells. She teaches her clients about learning to love themselves—flaws and all— and take care of more than the physical aspects of self-care.” – Amy D.

Starting July 1

  • 4 Weeks
  • 4 Online Classes
  • 4 Homework Explorations around – Self-Love, Moving for Pleasure, Eating a Rainbow, Breath and Presence
  • 4 Classes to help you REFRAME exercise and turn it into MOVEMENT
  • Online Community
  • 4 At Home Workouts for you to play with

Give yourself the gift of finally unhooking from the voices that are telling you that your body isn’t enough. Your body is AMAZING. And once you set down the battering ram and start treating it with love and affection, you’ll see your BODY – MIND – AND SPIRIT flourish.

If you’re ready to Love The Skin You’re In, there are two steps:

FIRST STEP click here to register.

SECOND STEP – Click the Buy Now Button below for payment. The course is 99.00 We start July 1st.

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