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En-Vision Vision Board Class

If you are feeling stuck or unfulfilled, for the love of all things holy,
take part in my en-vision Vision Board Workshop.

Your Vision Board is a powerful tool that gives your hopes, dreams and goals SHAPE. It gives them form. It gets your hopes and dreams out of your head and make them tangible.

And when you do that? Your hopes and dreams then become real. A Vision Board starts movement and energy flowing towards making what your dreams reality.

It’s magical. (no…really)

IMG_20180115_110830What’s cool about the en-vision course is that you’ll be able to get REALLY CLEAR about what it is that you want. After taking the class to learn about the power and process of Vision Boarding, you’ll then do a guided meditation and gentle yoga class which will offer you grounding – peace – and clarity.

THEN, you will make your Vision Board and envision and create your future. All while you’re cozy and in your own space (I highly recommend a mug of something warm, cozy pajamas, and candles.)

The class is $39 and includes:

  • Video Class on the Power of Vision Boarding
  • Class Worksheets to Clarify Your Goals and Dreams
  • Guided Meditation & Gentle SomaYoga Class Video

Click for purchase. Upon purchase, the class will be sent to your e-mail box.

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May your year be filled with joy, peace and love.
xo, Sarah