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Group Fitness Classes are held outside on Saturdays and inside at Tula Yoga & Wellness. They are for EVERY fitness level – and are for people ages 12 & Up. Click here for information on attending your first class.

Bootcamp with Soul – This fitness class is for everyone who wants to explore getting stronger breath, muscles and spirit. A supportive environment that teaches every movement in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears allowing you to tailor the workout to where you are for the day. There is no “DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 20!” in this class – only a supportive environment that teaches, guides and challenges.

Outdoor Bootcamp – This sounds hard core doesn’t it? But really – every level of exerciser can be addressed. 1st Gear, 2nd Gear and 3rd Gears are shown so that you can make each exercise your own. This is a great cardio workout with full body strength training. Bring a mat and water bottle.

Yoga with Weights – Lengthen & Strengthen with this class that combines strength training with the beauty and flow of yoga. Classes are at Tula Yoga & Wellness.

Partner Class – Class focusing on partner exercises. Strengthen your body and your relationship! Very.Fun! Pre-registration is required. Look for Partner Classes in Spring 2016

Cancellation Policy – Check this site a half hour before class starts.  There is a box on right hand side of every page labeled Today’s Class Status.  It will tell you if class is cancelled.  Generally – I only cancel in the case of sick kids, sick me, or inclement weather.  Make sure to check here before heading out – it would bum me out if you were out there waiting for class to start.

Pricing – There are 10 and 20 punch cards. They can be used at any class offered. 10 punch is 100.00 and 20 punch is 180.00. Drop-in rates for classes are 12.00. Classes at Tula are donation based and prices can be found at the Tula Yoga & Wellness website.

Small Groups – 5 or more people, for an agreed on time period and location. Focusing on group goals.  Great for groups of friends who want to support each other in wellness.

One on Ones – Yoga & Personal Training for just you.

Pricing – The prices for Small Groups and One on Ones vary – please contact me at turinofitness@gmail.com  to discuss.