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Fall Workout #3

I like this one, which features slow and controlled movements. Especially this time of year when I’m not feeling like going all out.

Take your time and enjoy a walk or run or walk AND run – notice what’s going on around you. See that everything around you is slowing down a bit and preparing for winter.

Then enjoy some slow strength work.


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Fall Workout #1

Every fall I notice I have a challenging time. I want to lie on my couch and become one with the cushions.

This fall – I am abiding by that call. BUT I’m also making sure that when I get a workout in that it’s quality and serves my whole body.

Do you feel the same? If so, join me for the next 6 weeks. Every Monday I’ll be posting a workout. Click at the bottom to share via social media or e-mail with a workout buddy or friend to support your accountability. And…enjoy:)

Here is Fall Workout #1. It has: Core stability. Core strength. Single Leg Strength. Balance. These are a few of my favorite things. 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions.


Much peace:) Sarah

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Self Compassion – Positive Self-Talk

Ok – so in the last post we learned about noticing that you’re talking crap to yourself and using the visual image of a stop sign to stop the flow. This is consciously stopping the neural pathway.

Now what?

Now you play in Opposite Land. You say the opposite of what you’re telling yourself.

“I can’t believe I did that. I’m so dumb.”


“I am brilliant.”

“I am so lazy.”


“I am energetic and full of life.”

“I can’t do that.”


“I can do anything.”

The key is to use these phrases:

december 3, 2019

And use them with no negative words like not or n’t – keep the phrase in the positive.

I put some more about the positive I statements in this short video.

Namaste, Sarah

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Self-Compassion Tool – The STOP sign

Man I don’t know about you, but I LIKE TOOLS. When you have some stuff to contend with, it’s good to have some tools in your toolbox no?

This month we’re concentrating on Self-Compassion. Why? Because have you ever paid attention to how you speak to yourself? People’s inner dialogue is damn near abusive.

What does your inner punisher say?

Mine goes something like this:

“I can’t believe you __forgot, lost something, double-booked etc.___. What is WRONG with you? Why do you always DO THIS? It’s so ridiculous. What is your problem? So dumb. So forgetful. So scatter-brained.”

It doesn’t matter that what I did was HUMAN. A mistake. A simple error. I treat myself to a healthy dose of punishment. Heaps. God forbid I’m not perfect.

Yuck. Right?

And let me tell you, my punisher is ruthless. She is exacting and finds fault in mmm almost everything. She makes me feel terrible about myself.

We would NEVER talk to another like we talk to ourselves. We cause ourselves such suffering with how we self-talk.

A big tool I use to fight this is the BIG.RED.STOPSIGN. I catch myself doing the negative self-talk, close my eyes and imagine big stopsign and say, “STOP.”

This stops the train from making it’s way from ‘the mistake’ to ‘self-flagellation’.

It puts a pause button on the stream of crap you are telling yourself.

In order for this to work, you have to start noticing when you’re engaging in negative self-talk. Sometimes you can be in a few minutes before you realize. But see if you can start to get a handle on the Punisher – catching it sooner and sooner.

  1. Notice the negative self-talk
  2. Imagine a STOP sign
  3. Tell yourself “STOP.”

We’ll talk about next steps in my next blog post.
Namaste, Sarah

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Smiling is better than CHOCOLATE

Smiling is better than Chocolate I said…

“What? Impossible” The response of my daughter to this statement.

But when it comes to our brain’s response, smiling wins out. It creates a powerful loop in that the brain recognizes as HAPPINESS and PLEASURE. This positive feedback loop reinforces feelings of JOY.

Even fake smiles trigger the same loop. So when you’re in traffic, frustrated, irritated, annoyed – try smiling. And hold it. (The yoga instructor in me wants you to add some diaphragmatic breaths too.)

Here’s a FB Live I did on it.


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3 Tools to Cultivate JOY

As someone who has been depressed, I know the feeling of depression intimately. I also know that when it lifts – that depression is not my natural state. Joy is my natural state.

Copy of Copy of Copy of The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things. – Henry Ward Beecher

So I started to ask what can I do to support my own JOY? There is a ton of research around the topic of cultivating joy. I really enjoy the work of researcher Emma Seppala who wrote an article in Psychology Today about sharing your joy. I break down the article here:

VLOG – The Power of Sharing your JOY with others

The thing to add into your life to cultivate joy is to SHARE YOUR JOY WITH OTHERS. Here’s are three ways I do this:
1) Three Things and Hi/Lo at the family dinner table. Come together and share 3 things that happened throughout your day. Then one highpoint and then one lowpoint.
2) Gratitude Journal. At the end of your day, bullet point 3-5 things that happened during your day.
3) Share your positive experiences of your day with a trusted person.

Give it a shot.
Namaste, Sarah

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Choose JOY

Let’s climb in the ‘way-back machine’ ok? A long time ago I was dating this guy…and, he was a really negative person. Really half-empty. Everything he saw was the world being out to get him. He was constantly the victim of the world, his employers, his circumstances.

I felt like it was my responsibility to fix everything and make his world better. But it wasn’t my job.

Circumstances and people cannot create your joy…YOU create your joy.

Because here’s the cold, hard truth and here is what I told him in the end.

Joy is a choice…choose joy.

We were inherently different people, but what I saw was a world full of loving and smiling people. What he saw was a scary world full of dumb, annoying people. What I saw were simple pleasures and I hung out in the place of gratitude. What he saw was that everyone/thing was out to get/bother/annoy him and doing anything was an uphill effort.

What was the difference between us?

How we look at the world.

That’s it.

The world is like a piece of broccoli (lesson from a great article called “Be the Broccoli” that I can’t find to attribute.) You can look at a piece of broccoli and think it looks delicious, nutritious, and wonderful. OR you can look at it and think it looks disgusting. In the end…the piece of broccoli itself doesn’t change. It’s still just a piece of broccoli. The difference is in your perception.

Joy is a choice. Ultimately, how you perceive the world is your choice.

And you can do some things that set the stage for more and more and more JOY. To cultivate joy. The more you practice these tools, the more you start fertilizing your garden with stuff that makes joy grow. For example – smile more, share your joyous moments with a trusted friend or family member, practice gratitude.

Choose Joy.
Namaste, S