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Spinal Mobility – Cat/Cow

One of the BEST GIFTS to give yourself is Spinal Mobility. It is the one practice I try and do every day. There are many practices that offer you spinal mobility and core stability. One fairly common one is moving from cat pose to cow pose.

It’s fun to watch people do cat/cow pose when I teach. Often I see the head leading the movement and the tail moving, but there isn’t any movement of the shoulder blades. Often people don’t move through this slowly, the slower you move – the more you’re asking your brain to get connected to the movement.

Feel jerky movements when you move slowly? GREAT that’s an indicator of sensory motor amnesia – or areas where your brain and muscles aren’t as connected as they could be. Every time you pass through, you’ll over yourself more and more connection.

This scapulothoracic area really gets sticky. Why? Because we use phones, computers, drive etc. A LOT. Our shoulders tend to round forward and we lose cortical awareness and control of our chest and upper back.

So let’s play with some spinal mobility. Let’s break apart cat/cow. You can break cat/cow into lots of pieces to feel more in the movement.

  1. Just move shoulder blades toward/away from spine.
  2. Just tilt tail up/down
  3. Do both. Notice your head doesn’t lead the movement, but naturally follows the undulation of your spine.
  4. Try rocking a little forward in your cow and a little back in your cat.
  5. Play with slowing down. Can you control the movement if you move slowly?

This video illustrates the above movements.

Other ways to play with it:

    • Try it seated in a chair.
    • Try it standing with hands on knees.

Enjoy! Sarah



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7 Exercise Excuses & Ideas to Handle Them

Copy of Pajama Talk (8)
What excuses do you use to avoid exercising?

My most common is “I’m tired” and I also bring out “I don’t wanna” sometimes.

Totally normal.

Exercise is fully loaded. In the face of moving, we can get in our own way and avoid moving our beautiful machines.

This happens for many reasons. In this Pajama Talk we talk about seven really common excuses or reasons people use to not exercise and some ideas about how to deal with them.

CLICK HERE – Pajama Talk Episode 1

Peace, Sarah

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Summer Eating – Helpful Tips

It’s summer! And with summer comes barbecues, weddings, potlucks.

It can be A LOT TO NAVIGATE. Where do you start? How do you construct a plate that supports your body, mind and spirit? How do you approach the dessert table?

Theresa Horne of Sisterhood of Strong and I talk about how we navigate summer event eating.

Theresa and I are all about tips you can use right now. Things we’ve learned after years of contending with food and dealing with our relationship with food.

Let us know what you think and if you have any questions and comments.



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ONE Thing to Help Your Low Back Pain

Your body is brilliant.

It may not feel that way because it’s not cooperating with you or is in pain…but really, your body is brilliant. When something isn’t functioning due to injury or sensory motor amnesia (brain/muscle forgetting how to work together properly) other muscles come on line to help you.

And that’s beautiful…and sometimes painful when they overwork or are causing misalignment.

With regard to your low back – often there are 3 reasons or combination of reasons your back hurts:

  1. Lack of stability in your core
  2. Lack of spinal mobility
  3. Misalignment

Best ways to begin to address these things is Core Stability – of the many practices to stabilize your core?


In the video, I talk about two blog posts that invite core stability – here are the links:

Making Core Stability Sexy

Core Stability is Sexy – Part Deux

Diaphragmatic Breath is one of the BEST GIFTS YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF.

Start to notice what it feels like to soften the area around your middle. Put a hand on the space between your belly button and the bottom of your ribs. Breathe. Are you belly breathing? When do you lose your diaphragmatic breath? Can you diaphragmatically breath while you’re sitting? Standing?

Here’s a 5 minute practice. Enjoy.




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T3 – Two Trainers Talking Vodcast – Importance of Self-Care for Moms

NEW PROJECT!! I’d like to introduce my friend/colleague Theresa Horne of Sisterhood of Strong (or here at FB Sisterhood of Strong.) Theresa is an incredible trainer, motivator, mom and human.

She and I have teamed up for what we’re calling T3. Two Trainers Talking. It’s a vodcast or video podcast. Theresa and I are both passionate about simplifying health and wellness (it’s not a rubik’s cube) and accessible (everyone can do it.)

This month: The importance of self-care especially for moms.

Click here to view.


Please give us feedback and drop any questions you have below.

Peace, Sarah & Theresa

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Feeling Stress in Your Body

Part of improving chronic stress is to start to sense and feel it.

Close your eyes and start to sense and feel.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I stressed?
  • Where do I feel that stress in my body?

You’ll start to notice often there is a pattern of where you feel your stress.

This is a beautiful practice because as soon as you can get in touch with FEELING your stress, you can start to catch it earlier and earlier. And once you start catching it earlier, you can start attending to it sooner.

Where do you feel stress in your body? Every body is different.