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Kind Words

“I had never hired a personal trainer before but I knew that I needed something to help make me accountable for taking care of physical body. I was also looking for results because I wasn’t making any real strides on my own–despite working out regularly enough. I chose Sarah because while I knew she had the tools to offer me physical results, I also knew that she offered more than just physical training. I knew she valued working with the whole person. Sarah’s approach is unique and offers a wonderful opportunity to explore total wellness–as corny as that sounds–if you are open to it and ready. If you want to literally feel the change/results that you work for permeating thoughout all of the cells in your body, your mind, your core, your essential person, your spirit–then you should choose the gift that is Sarah Turino. If you want someone who is accepting of where you are on any given day and who also gently, skillfully pushes you to be where you can be (when you alone didn’t think you could go there), then you should choose Sarah. If you want to laugh–really laugh–and often at yourself or just life in general, then choose Sarah because she can go long on the humorous. If you want to be reminded constantly that you are one hundred percent wonderful as you are right now. And that you had better know this at your core or nothing you do will really matter–choose Sarah.” Jeanine H.

“Sarah Turino teaches workout classes that integrate body and soul. She creates a unique safe, noncompetitive space for people of all abilities, especially those who are new to a workout program. She does this by giving options for every exercise.  First gear is simple enough for all able bodies, while fourth gear will challenge elite athletes. She infuses her classes with a wonderful sense of joy and acceptance. She meets everyone where they are on their journey, and challenges them to go deeper into their workout, and deeper into a healthy sense of self affection and gratitude.
–Mike J.

“I love Sarah’s ‘Boot Camp with Soul’ 6 AM workouts every Tuesday and Thursday at Tula Yoga and Wellness! It’s a great workout with a super-upbeat instructor who always encourages us to meet our body where it is that morning–great workouts for all levels!” –Kate H.

“Two years ago, a friend highly recommended I work with Sarah. I’d been doing a lot of running and walking, but needed something more for cross training. I arrived on the first day of bootcamp, thinking I’d try a class or two and ended up staying the whole summer. I kept going because:

  • Sarah was warm and greeted each participant with a friendly welcome.
  • She challenged each participant to do the best we could, to push our individual limits, while also emphasizing we weren’t competing with one another. Each of us had strengths we’d discover in the coming weeks and and that we shouldn’t grow discouraged when certain exercises were difficult.
  • The class was non-intimidating and supportive. A wide range of ages and abilities came to class, and we had fun together.
  • Each week offered a different focus and new exercises to keep us engaged and to repel boredom.
  • Sarah always took the time to explain each exercise or pose, its benefits, and alternatives to try depending on our fitness level.
  • Each session ended with a cool-down and calm words and wishes from Sarah, sending us out into the day, refreshed and optimistic.

Enjoy Sarah’s classes — a safe, fulfilling, and invigorating hour. A great gift to give yourself.” Camille V.

“Fear not. Really. Sarah is here to show you what stuff you are made of. And truth be known, when you are “Just Starting Out” you may have forgotten that deep down you are physically and emotionally stronger than you think. So start today where you are and just take it day by day. With Sarah you will always have someone on your side cheering you along.” — Karen S.

“I always thought that I needed to lose weight and start exercising before I could take a class and/or see a personal trainer. But getting started on your own is hard. I really preferred TV and reading to exercise. Sarah helped motivate me and get me started exercising in a way that didn’t overwhelm me. She didn’t push me until I cried, she didn’t overwork me, she understood my fears about breathing (asthma). She got me to a place that exercise became a routine for me. I’ve incorporated activity into my life on average 5 days a week for over 2 years. She helped me find what works for me, what I enjoy, and what I can do on my own.” — Alison C.

“I was introduced to Sarah a few years ago through a mutual friend. I had been working out with another personal trainer who hadn’t really been meeting my needs or on some days, even MEETING me!

Sarah was exactly what I needed. Sarah is ALWAYS positive, fun, enthusiastic and genuinely interested in helping people be the best they can be. Sarah always meets you “where you are at,” works with you to establish a realistic goal (and sometimes a goal that YOU think is unrealistic, but Sarah knows better!) and then helps you achieve your goal.

Sarah helped me train and run two half marathons (one in the middle of winter!) and has shown up to meet me every single time with a smile on her face. I am a better person for having Sarah in my life!” –Carrie H.

“Sarah is wonderful trainer! She is extremely knowledgeable about various fitness approaches and techniques. Sarah does an excellent job of customizing the program to the individual or level of the class. During any group or individual program she explains how to adjust the level of each exercise based on the fitness level of the individual, their ability, or desire to challenge themselves. I also appreciate how she challenges my comfortable level when I need her to do so. It encourages me to stretch myself, but work in a healthy range.” –Molly D.

“Sarah is warm, energetic, knowledgeable, and inspires her students to reach their potential. I found Sarah’s approach to be encouraging and very empowering. –Kathy C.

“Sarah meets you at whatever fitness level you are at with kindness, understanding and warmth” –Megan L.

“Sarah and I met through a mutual friend on a bike ride. She told me a about an all women’s triathlon that I should check out. Thinking I was nuts for considering it, I said yes, and then asked, “Will you train me?”. I had started my fitness regime a few years back but needed something more to inspire me and keep me interested. I wanted to stay on the path that I was on, but was running into a few road blocks. One being food, and another was motivation and diversity in my workouts. Sarah helped look at these issues, and not as things that are necessarily hurdles, but how to work around them or push through them. She has a personal and very caring approach, that focused on what I wanted out of our sessions and what my goals were. I’ve trained with Sarah for six seasons. I love her approach to working out outdoors, since I dislike gyms. She has taught me so much about myself… She pushes me where she knows I have strength and allows me to back off when I need it, all in a very supportive and positive way. Sarah has helped me reach goals that I set for myself, I’ve competed in three events, that I never thought possible, all with her help, and in true caring support, cheering me on. I truly enjoy our workouts, and always look forward to them. She’s helped me find strength in myself and at times I didn’t know I had it.”–Christine C.

“About a year ago or so, I started working out with Sarah (Turino Fitness). Years preceding working out with Sarah, I had gone through a number of changes in my life all at once: had kids, economy, career in a hugely impacted area of economy, hypo-thyroid, etc. Sarah has helped me start. It was about getting my body moving and thinking of about my diet. I have slowly made changes. I still can’t dedicate the time I want to working out, but I have turned the bend and I am committed to the change. A month ago, I went to the doctor and had a variety of tests that previously would have yielded a doctor shaking a finger, but this time, they were in the normal range.
She has an easy, non-judgmental way that keeps people in all levels of fitness coming back.” — Dave W.

“I was first introduced to the the idea group exercise after the birth of my son. After 3 months of bed rest and another 3 months of recovery post C-section I really needed motivation to get me up and active again. A group setting under the leadership and coaching Sarah provided was what I needed to take that first step back into being an active person. I felt completely out of shape, was worried everyone would kick my butt and sleeping in sounded way more comforting vs getting myself up and involved.

After the first session I was hooked. Sarah is a natural coach and motivator. I left that first session feeling alive and ready for more. Granted I was a bit sore but it was a welcomed soreness that I earned.” –Dana B.

“I was a little nervous about starting the class, as I hadn’t really been on an organized exercise routine for a while. But Sarah truly meets everybody wherever they are at with their fitness level. It was low pressure but very supportive and dare I say, I had fun too. I liked her approach of just moving our bodies and not making it more than it has to be.” –Denise W.

“Sarah’s approach is really unique in that she motivates the group at the same time as the individual. She really works on creating a feeling of success for each participant individually. Her great sense of humor is an added bonus that makes class feel very real and very fun. I found that I looked forward to each class not just for the great workout, but also the positive mental energy that FLOWS in Sarah’s classes.” –Emily B.

“I had never attended a boot camp class before the first one with Sarah. I was nervous about whether or not I would be able to keep up with the others in the class. Sarah told us all that the important thing was to do what worked for each of us as individuals, not focusing in on what others could or could not do — the competition is only with yourself! She demonstrated moves/exercises at different levels of intensity and encouraged us to stretch out of our comfort zone, but to listen to our bodies too. I may not have been the most fit in my class, but I always felt I had a great work out and I NEVER felt like I didn’t belong in boot camp!

One boot camp season I had a bad calf injury from running. Sarah listened to me, asked me questions and then while I was recovering and in boot camp, she told me what things I could/should do and alternatives that gave me a work out without the potential of re-injury. She also let me know of different stretches (I now always include a Soleus stretch!) and strength exercises to prevent a future injury.

One of the things Sarah taught us at one boot camp session was to smile while you work out. You cannot believe the difference that makes in how your head and body respond. Sarah is really good at always helping us keep a positive balance in our physical, emotional and spiritual health.” –Patti B.


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