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Client Spotlight

This is Brian. He’s a family friend – our kids go to school together and we like to eat dinner as families together. A couple of years ago, Brian came to 14456757_10154504063484898_1248085089_ome thinking he might want to run longer-distances. He’d been playing around with just going out and running (for example, one weekend after running a couple of 3 milers, he just did a six-miler just to see what would happen and if he could do it.) The conservative trainer in me was like, “AAAAHHH! You’re going to get hurt.”

So we came up with a program that progressed him slowly and safely to his first 5k, 10k and the Twin Cities 10 Mile in 2015. This year, he’s training for the Twin Cities Marathon.

Hey Sarah! I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me down the path to running. I can’t believe I’m going to run a marathon this year (barring injury) and it definitely wouldn’t have happened without you. You told me I could run ten miles and until you said it I honestly couldn’t have even imagined running that far. I would have said: Impossible! Now a marathon seems almost certain to me. Thank you!

In addition to running Brian, and his lovely wife Karen, run a tremendous charity called Project Zawadi that provides education to the orphaned and other vulnerable children of Tanzania. And in case you want to make a trip to Tanzania, they organize amazing trips through their company Access 2 Tanzania. 

Brian is passionate, intelligent, well spoken, gentle and kind. I am absolutely honored to call him my friend. 🙂

Back to the race!! Brian will be running around a 9:10 pace and will be wearing (I’ll edit if he changes his mind) a neon orange shirt. If you see him on the course, give him a shout.

He is truly one of the most naturally gifted runners I’ve ever seen out of the gate. Fluid and fast. Relaxed and focused. It was an honor to be a part of his running journey. HAVE A GREAT RACE BRIAN!


amy D  This is Amy and she is such a fantastic human. Funny. Smart. Beautiful out and in.  We enjoy     our time together training and not training. We laugh.alot. Amy plays Australian Football for     the Minnesota Freeze.  If you’ve never seen it played, check it out here. FUN. INTENSE. Footy   is physically challenging and it requires A LOT of the body and the mind and the spirit.          Stamina. Agility. Forethought. You have to know what’s happening all around you. And you  have to be able to take and give a a tackle.  🙂  FUN right?

Here’s Amy’s thoughts on our time together. Thanks for sharing some of the road Amy. xo

I initially contacted Sarah to help me get in the best physical shape possible for my upcoming football season. After our consultation meeting, I expected her to present me with a fitness plan much like I had seen from other trainers: one that focused on physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. And Sarah’s plan did cover all those bases, but just as important it addressed my spiritual and mental/emotional self-care. Sarah has a real gift in recognizing that most people need more than burpees and barbells. She teaches her clients about learning to love themselves—flaws and all— and take care of more than the physical aspects of self-care.

Meditation, prayer, warm baths, and massage were all included in my plan, and each helped to enhance the physical strengthening gained through Sarah’s vigorous and innovative exercises and drills. Sarah works closely with her clients to meet them wherever they are on the road to a stronger, healthier, and happier self. For Sarah, it is more about the client’s journey than whether they meet any set goals. She is encouraging and completely nonjudgmental, and you can feel that she loves what she is doing.


This is Karen.  Karen is a tremendous human being.  She is the most generous person I know –

Karen sharing her time, talent and expertise to make the world a better place.  She runs a business that organizes trips to Africa – Access to Tanzania and she also runs an incredible charity to support the education of the children in the Mara region of Tanzania called Project Zawadi.    I’m lucky to know her as she blesses my life regularly with her smile and laughter.  Thanks for sharing some of the road Karen – I am abundantly grateful.

Here are her thoughts:

Sarah is Turino Fitness. But what does that really mean?

Her work is not just about how many burpees or sit-ups someone can do. Her work is also about where someone is on the spectrum of health and wellness. She wants people to understand that health and wellness is a complex mix of physical, emotional and spiritual balance.  Her personal wellness journey informs her work with others.  She will say “meet yourself where you are today” – and in doing so, she will also meet you there and then guide  you forward on YOUR journey.

Her workouts blend: intensity, challenge, encouragement, humor, compassion and gratitude (that’s a lot for 60 minutes)….and she always keeps it real.



When I think of Amy, I get an immediate smile on my face. I think she would consider herself non-athletic…or she did. But now? I think she has really enjoyed seeing the amazing things her body can do. Thanks for sharing some of your wellness journey with me – it has been an honor and privilege. xo Here’s her story:

“I have gotten so much out of the time I have worked with you. When I first got in touch with you it was because I knew I wanted to feel better in my body and take better care of myself, but I also knew I needed help. I have wasted so much time, effort and gym and equipment fees in the past trying different things out without positive results. Some of those efforts would leave me feeling worse than before. When I thought about working with a trainer, to me the idea was to treat exercise, activity and health like anything else I’ve learned – reach out to an expert and get some help. I had met other trainers at the Y or through friends but none of them made me feel like fitness was accessible to me. Not a knock on them but, as you know, I have some anxiety about trying new things and finding confidence in areas I don’t feel strong. So I really felt that the right person for me had to meet me where I was at and take into account what I needed. I felt from having met you that would approach training with kindness and generosity, and that has been my experience. I was also dealing with the illness and death of my dad when we started working together and you recognized that my physical, emotional and spiritual being were all connected and in need of care.

Since then I have appreciated that you have so thoughtfully adapted my training program to what I needed – at that moment. You have been given me permission to be gentle with myself without feeling bad – when that was what I needed. You’ve also pushed me when you’ve seen that I needed or would benefit from a push. I have confidence in your judgement of my capabilities and I am learning to have more confidence in my own judgement as well. Which is a huge benefit to me. Physically, I feel so much better than where I was a year ago – even when I’ve dealt with an illness or injury. Training with you on a regular basis does motivate me to be accountable to you and my program – but not as much as I thought it would. I have found more inner motivation through our work together and have never felt judgement or disappointment from you – even when I’ve been disappointed in myself. Training regularly with you reminds me of how great it feels to be active and push myself and motivates me to keep going when I’m on my own. I still rely on your expertise and professional judgement and appreciate the guidance as I navigate new things.

So I would say the minimum requirements for a trainer are all there – knowledge, expertise, assessment; plus fun and diverse workouts, great motivations, and great results! Though I didn’t have body measurement goals, I have been happy with the changes in my body, both my size and even more so, my strength and endurance. But I believe a huge differentiator is the personal approach to your work, getting to know me and what helps me. You are thoughtful of emotional and spiritual wellness and I believe that I’m on a path to understand better how to connect my body with my spirit in a way that feels whole and complete. Creating connection through exertion is not something I’d done before. That for me is huge – I’ve always connected more through music or art or work. I feel that by working with you, a door has been opened to a very essential connection between mind body and spirit that is exciting and deep.”



The first time I met Dave, I knew he’d be a friend (and our realtor – shout out to New City Realty – Woop!) We like to talk philosophy and spirituality as a life practice, and being outdoors makes us happy. We both have a huge need for fresh air. We both like to hike. We both love our families. Dave is down to the bone kind and he’s authentic – two qualities that the world needs more of. He’s also incredibly smart, an expansive thinker and wonderfully humble.

When Dave asked me to train him, I was deeply honored. He’s a former nationally ranked swimmer and athletes are fun to train. Dave was no exception. But he was searching for something more than training – and he was open to bringing in his body to his mind-body-spirit chain. Something that we often forget.

Grab a cup of tea. Sit down. Take a read; Dave’s a great writer. Here’s his experience:

“Sarah … you are a cultural disrupter. The culture in the US is to not take time, is to sedate with drugs (food, prozac, etc), get high on a dime (energy drinks, etc), relax when you are dead, etc etc. We are in a time of massive change in the country. Rugged individualism is being recognized as an impossibility (i.e., you can’t move mountains by yourself … and not even Teddy Roosevelt did that). We need people. We need to take time and make peace for ourselves and need help and help others find it. We need to enjoy the journey. That said, I am not a fan of marketing what something “isn’t.” I believe marketing in that way is negative.

Working with you opens a door, a door to being mindful of harmony: one person needs to slow down, another needs to speed up, one needs to sweat, one needs to be outside, etc. The American Indians see nature as harmony (i.e., for all of the violent storms or otherwise, there is calm; nature balances itself out). The door you (Turino Fitness) open is a conscious effort to find and understand that balance, to seek it and be okay with it (i.e., many of us don’t trust balance … it ain’t familiar). You are bigger than a workout. Your presence is shifting peoples orientation; you are shining a light on what you believe is worth seeing and asking others to come take a look. It’s an aspect of our culture that has been put in the dark, for reasons we could politicize or worse. Also, I want you to know that you are on the right path. There is a message in the successes and failures that will help sculpt your vision (i.e., and your vision may get totally transformed in the process … beautiful!). What you are doing is preparing you for what is coming. It is very important. I believe in what you are doing.

Aside: I quit my corner office of the 25th Floor of the Wells tower job to become a real estate agent. I wanted to work with communities (community development corporations) looking to make the city more livable. It didn’t work that way in hundreds of attempts … I was a success in maybe one. I have taken what I have learned and now know I AM supposed to be the model. And I have set course on creating a lifestyle to model, where I am sure some people will say “I want what that guy has.” And when I get there (and I am pretty close) I will show people how cotton-pickin’ easy it was. That the lie is “more is more;” The truth is smart sustainable moves create freedom and peace. The treadmill of fear keeps people plugged into a matrix they don’t like or care about.

The key is to ask for help when you need it and to trust one another to support and give each other a helping hand so that we can flourish…and all of those hands are going make the change that our culture is begging for (i.e., the change won’t come from big corporations or gov’t). That is how big all of this can be. “This ride is almost over” is my mantra. It keeps me present. This ride is almost over … it’s awesome and fun and scary and icky and sad and … This ride is almost over … and when it is, I want this place to be better … This ride is almost over.”

Thanks Dave for allowing me to share your story and thanks for sharing a bit of the road with me. May we all be mindful of our precious time here and seek connection within ourselves and with each other so that we can make the world a better place.



Patricia Ball

This is Patty – and she’s tremendous. She’s an incredible mom, wife, friend, executive and person. I am honored to know her – she exudes love and strength and kindness. This is her some of her wellness story and and a little about our journey together and her experience working with an Holistic Personal Trainer. Patty – Thanks for sharing the road. 🙂

“While many trainers are good with the physical domains of health – physical strength, flexibility, cardio endurance – Sarah offers whole person health – all that other stuff plus emotional, spiritual, and mental strength. She is helping me develop the parts of me that make me WANT to do the physical things even when I am tired, overwhelmed, and stressed (which happens less often because I am learning how to manage those things too).

So much of physical fitness is tied to the “mental part” – “I can do this” “I am strong enough” , the things that pull you through the really hard moments (whether hard physically or just because of your frame of mind). By teaching about mantras, I now have words that pull me out of bed at 5:00 AM, that get me moving, that keep me moving, that keep me in 3rd gear… It is hard to sustain the physical piece without the tools to work through the mental noise. Sarah offers those but many others do not.

Because of her approach, I am healthier not just because I exercise, stretch and eat well, but because I am learning to “be” and to have boundaries, and balance, and connections. I am not just learning how to exercise, but I am learning how to be a whole, joyful person. What she does is like a mash up between personal trainer, life coach, and spiritual guide/messenger.

Her approach seems VERY tailored to the person’s needs across the whole spectrum of wellness needs. While she knew exercise for me was a stress reducer, she also connected me to breathing, meditation, yoga (I’m getting there – it’s my next me investment!), and my mantras. Talk about stress reduction! The physical outlet is great! But I can use most of those other techniques anywhere, anytime.

When I fessed up I needed her help, I was really in a hard place. It was the exercise, but it was soooo much more. She saw me. The real me. She saw my pain BUT she pointed out my beauty, my fierceness, my strength. THAT was an answer to a prayer. She sees people in their whole self not just a slice of it.

I worked with a trainer once before. She was very good. She measured things like BMI and VO2 and how many things I could do pre and post the engagement. I did what she said and it worked on those things. BUT I never learned how to own that. I never learned how to see myself as an athlete, or as a runner, or as a fiercely strong woman capable of anything! I never learned how to be present through meditation, how to breathe through moments of anxiety/irritation, how to call to myself and harness my power. These are things I feel like I am learning with Sarah (in addition to the right strength moves for me, or how to get speed in my running).

When I tell people about boot camp, people ask, “does she yell at you?” “does she make you do impossible things?” NO! When I workout with Sarah in boot camp or in our 1:1 sessions, I feel HAPPY. I feel STRONG. I feel JOYFUL! “Look what I’m doing! Holy cow! I am amazing!” Because of Sarah, when I’m on long runs and having a hard time, I SMILE. I do that to kill the mental noise and soon I’m back to Holy Cow again! She builds people up from the inside out. She teaches us to tap into the power within to sustain the outside stuff.”



This is Lizanne. She is a bright light and shines generously on all around her. Lizanne hired me while she was in college and trying to balance classes, studying, work. She went on to train for several half marathons, sprint triathlons and we even got to team out a half-marathon together. She is so fantastic. Thanks for sharing some of the road Lizanne!! xo Here’s her experience:

“Working with Sarah always makes me smile. When I asked her to become my trainer and told her my goal was to become a better runner she dug deep to really truly find out what I wanted out of this journey. I reached for ambitious goal, not knowing if I would successfully accomplish it. Sarah believed in me and tailored my program to reach that exact goal. Every time we met, she inspired me even more to stick with the plan and keep going even if I was busy or stressed with school and life. Sarah created a mantra for me every week that would help me stay strong and get through the workout and the week. It was always very empowering. I ended up accomplishing my ambitious goal successfully with a smile and Sarah at the finish line.

I hate to sound cliche, but I am overjoyed that I am lucky enough to know Sarah. She makes me think of things in a different light. She’s so positive and inspiring to me and I ALWAYS have fun with her. (Even if she is making me do side planks or head stand pushups.. ugh!) Her happiness is infectious. Her love of fitness and fashion really make us bond together and I feel honored that I can share my excitement with her, whether it be about the new Fall Chloe line or a new PR during a race.”



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