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Lead with Love

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Today I found my favorite lemonade on sale at the grocery store (Calypso – try it) and it was 3 for 3.00. I bought 3.

The lady at the checkout is named Anita. She was excited to enjoy the sunshine on this beautiful day getting out of work in 45 minutes.

“Do you like lemonade?”


“Try this one!”

We talked about motherhood. Her daughter is 38 and works with her at the grocery store. She has six kids. She adores them.

The man sitting on the corner hoping for change looked hot. I rolled down my window.

“Want some lemonade?”

“Yes please!”

The thing is…we can lead with love. We can look in each other’s eyes and see our connection.

We are all connected.


Copy of Copy of The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


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