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Kickstarter – The Illusion of Balance

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My whole life I’ve written poetry. It was my escape. My way to process. A way to use my love of words.

I never thought to share it until this year – the Universe pushed my back and had me share it with someone I didn’t know very well. I was shaking with fear. But something unexpected happened, she held space for me to feel the nercited feelings and in that vulnerability…I realized that I could share. That it would be ok. That the world would catch me as I leapt.

So I’m leaning into that. Because I believe we are all meant to create with our highest intention and put our stuff out there. My hope is to self-publish some paperbacks and some hard covers of my poetry. Around 200 poems.

My poems I hope will create opportunities for connection, healing and feeling. The collection is called “The Illusion of Balance.” Here is a sample from it:

My light
In the eye
Don’t turn away
If allowed
I will see
Yours too
We could

If you’d like to join me – click here to take you to my kickstarter page. 

And here is a video description of the project:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering supporting my Kickstarter.


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