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You’re Worth It.

Once upon a time, my kids were little – 2 years old and newborn little.  Around the time I had the first one, I immersed myself in trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL I WAS DOING.  I didn’t know anything about being a mother, let alone being a ‘good’ mother and the learning curve was STEEP and there was no manual.

When you’re in that situation, you get a bit mmmmmyopic about what you’re doing.  Because it’s survival mode for you AND this wee one/s that are in your care.

Everything else, for me anyhow, got swept aside.  Everything.  Else.

I wished I could have been like those other mothers who appeared to be able to do it all – work, be great wives, be great friends, work out (?), and LOOK GOOD while meeting the needs of their babies (some moms even had their hair done and lipstick on…how did they DO THAT?)  I was not one of those women.

Frankly, I could barely remember to brush my teeth, shave my legs, and…shower even. 121-2125_IMGMe…probably unshowered and preggers.

Around the time I was pregnant with my second child, I went to a mom/kid class.  The teacher asked the class, “What do you do for yourself?”  I had to get up and leave the room.  Because for two years I hadn’t done anything for myself.  It was upsetting for me.  Where was Sarah in this whole parenting thing?  Where did she go?  Who was she?  Who was she now?

Anybody else feel like this?

I didn’t know what to do.  I didn’t know how or where to start.  I just knew that I needed a little something – not much, just a little something – for my own beautiful self.  And after my second baby came and my head came up a little, I chose running.

Just so you know…I was not a long-distance runner.  Ever.  Sprinter, yes.  Distance, no.  Super hard and uncomfortable and I was often looked at with concern chugging down the street.  (Honestly…this probably still happens…haha!)

My sweet husband would come home and I’d have my running shoes on and hand the babies over and yell, “PEACE OUT!” on my way out the door.  I even hired a babysitter once a week, so I could go for a run and then treat myself to an iced tea.

All little steps toward reclaiming a little part of myself that I had lost.

It doesn’t have to be babies.  It can be lots of things – work, relationships, busy-ness that cause us to forget our beautiful selves.  Or, maybe we were never taught to pay attention to our needs or how to give ourselves the gift of self-care.

You’re worth it.

You are so damn worth it.

You are worthy.

Self-care comes in a lot of different forms.  What makes you feel good?  What makes your well get full/er?  What can you offer yourself that reminds you of yourself and how IMPORTANT you are to your world?  That reminds you that you need care!?

Whatever it is.  Please, do it.  Because you are worth it.

*Cup of tea, good book.


*Fresh air.


*Time with friends.

*Time with partner.




*Bubble baths.


*Leisurely perusing a book store.

Whatever it is.  Carve out a little space for yourself and make it happen.  And then, pay attention to how good it feels to treat yourself nicely and give yourself what you need.  Why?

Because you’re worth it.

Peace, Love, Joy.  🙂  Sarah


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Today I went looking for a little motivation.  Sometimes I’ll look on Pinterest.  Sometimes on Google.  Usually, it’s something visual that will light me up and help me to getterdone.

As I was searching around today, what I saw was a bunch of shaming stuff.  Things about fat crying, about being a loser, about winning and success and determination being defined by how your body looks. Lots of unrealistic images too.

Maybe that motivates some people…

What it does for me is make me roll my eyes.  It makes me shake my head.

Who likes to be shamed into working out???  Why is shame even a part of our daily life?  Shame is a dangerous slippery slope that sucks you in and makes you feel only one thing…shitty.

We’re on the internet all of the time getting bombarded by messages, images, and content.

What are you exposing your sweet self to?  Because let me tell you, I stopped reading fashion magazines about a year ago because the images DISTURBED me.  Who, other than a 15 year old girl, HAS THOSE BODIES?  People who don’t eat…that’s who.

And then on the other end of the spectrum, you get all of these people at 10% bodyfat (or less) in exercise photos making you think that you will LOOK LIKE THAT IF YOU EXERCISE.

Friends.  Let me tell you.  It’s crap.  It’s a shame game designed to pull you in and make you constantly feel less than.  Why?  Then you’re wanting…and spending.  The worry of most marketers is that you will love your beautiful self and feel whole and complete.  Then…the game will stop.  You won’t buy in to the image, the wanting, the forever not feeling good enough.


You are so good enough.  You are so beautiful.  You shine from the inside.  And you are enough.  Just as you are.  You are a gift.  You are meant to share all of your amazing self with this world.

Don’t let anyone’s definitions of what you should be…define you.  Make up your own definition.  And use new words like fantastic, brilliant, outstanding, beautiful, intelligent, vibrant, complete, wonderful, whole.  Not size whatever, or # of lbs., or wrinkle-free, or perky boobs, or cellulite-free, or youthful, thin, blahblahblahblah.

Resolution?  Not today.  Today I write my own DEFINITION of what I am.  What’s yours?

Peace, Love, Joy.