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Mindful Eating Tips

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1 – Turn off distractions – no electronics, books, etc. while eating. Be present.  Don’t eat in the car!
2 – Sit at the table.  Again, don’t eat in the car!
3 – Take a deep breath before you eat. Calm yourself down.  Even if you’re super hungry.
4 – Take a MINUTE and enjoy the look of your food, smell of your food, beauty of your table setting.
5 – Slow down.
6 – Chew.  Your stomach doesn’t have teeth.  (courtesy of my sister-in-law Jana)
7 – Savor. Enjoy the flavors. Food is to be pleasurable, an experience, as well as nourishment. It’s hard to do this when you’re shoveling food in without pause.  Eating engages all of the senses!!  Enjoy!
8 – Set your fork down between bites.  Slow.  Down.
9 – Think about the amazing things the food you have chosen to NOURISH YOUR BODY is doing:
Carbohydrates – energy for all human functions
(veggies & fruits & whole grains)
Fats (good) – regulating hormones, energy , better overall health, brain health
(Avocados, nuts, olives, healthy oils)
Protein – Structural re-builder, repairer, brain health, better overall health
(meat, shellfish, fish, eggs, greek yogurt, dairy, legumes, tofu, soy)
And this doesn’t even address the amazing vitamins and minerals that are associated with these amazing foods.

Do you have more mindful eating tips?? Please share!
Peace. Love. Joy!


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