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Mindful Eating Tips

1 – Turn off distractions – no electronics, books, etc. while eating. Be present.  Don’t eat in the car!
2 – Sit at the table.  Again, don’t eat in the car!
3 – Take a deep breath before you eat. Calm yourself down.  Even if you’re super hungry.
4 – Take a MINUTE and enjoy the look of your food, smell of your food, beauty of your table setting.
5 – Slow down.
6 – Chew.  Your stomach doesn’t have teeth.  (courtesy of my sister-in-law Jana)
7 – Savor. Enjoy the flavors. Food is to be pleasurable, an experience, as well as nourishment. It’s hard to do this when you’re shoveling food in without pause.  Eating engages all of the senses!!  Enjoy!
8 – Set your fork down between bites.  Slow.  Down.
9 – Think about the amazing things the food you have chosen to NOURISH YOUR BODY is doing:
Carbohydrates – energy for all human functions
(veggies & fruits & whole grains)
Fats (good) – regulating hormones, energy , better overall health, brain health
(Avocados, nuts, olives, healthy oils)
Protein – Structural re-builder, repairer, brain health, better overall health
(meat, shellfish, fish, eggs, greek yogurt, dairy, legumes, tofu, soy)
And this doesn’t even address the amazing vitamins and minerals that are associated with these amazing foods.

Do you have more mindful eating tips?? Please share!
Peace. Love. Joy!


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Some Tips on Handling Emotional Eating Attacks

-Take a pause.

You’re in front of the pantry, refrigerator, snack drawer.  Stop.  Don’t move.  Take a deep breath.

-Ask yourself if you are ACTUALLY hungry? 

This question is a deal changer.  It means you actually have to tune in to what you normally ignore.  Ask yourself, “Am I really hungry right now?”  Pay attention and remember that real hunger gives notice for awhile – first an empty feeling in your belly, then some rumbling, then some gnawing.  That’s real hunger.  Are you reallllly hungry?  Or are you something else?

-If you’re not hungry, ask yourself WHY you are standing in front of the pantry?

If the answer is that you’re not really hungry and that you’re standing in front of the pantry, refrigerator, snack drawer for other reasons, let it come in that you’re having an Emotional Eating Attack.  Simply notice that you are in the middle of an attack of emotional eating.  Notice, but don’t chastise.  Notice but don’t do anything.  Just notice it.  Then step outside yourself and say, “I’m not really hungry.  So WHY am I standing in front of the pantry?”  Answers will come up – bored, stressed, angry, frustrated, etc.

-Journal what happened leading up to it and what you are feeling.  Are there any patterns?

What feelings are you feeling?  Grab your journal and write about it.  You’ll notice some patterns appear – feelings that ‘trigger’ you to stand in front of the pantry.  Then, once you see what feelings trigger you, you can seek out what you REALLY NEED on a soul level.  Because take it from me, potato chips are a quick fix, but they do not address what I really need on a soul level.  What is it?  Comfort?  A hug?  A conversation?  Intimacy?  Quiet?  Calm?  To be alone?  Something to do?

-Give yourself what you really need. 

This step can be tough.  It’s hard enough trying to figure out what you’re feeling, but then actually figuring out what you really need?  This takes some serious self-care.  And friend?  You are so worth it.  Treat yourself to what it is you really, really need.  Really nice bath salts? Check.  Organic herbal tea? Check.  A firepit in your backyard? Check.  Whatever.it.is…give it to yourself.  Create some space and give yourself permission to gift yourself with what you need.  Things to try:

Sip on some herbal tea.

Drink a glass of water.

Change your scenery.

Take a bath.

Go for a walk.

Go to bed.

Call a friend.

Pick up a book.

Peace to you on your journey,

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Self Kindness Experiment

I watched a movie last week called “Hungry for Change” – it’s really interesting and has a lot of great information in it if you have time.

There was a woman in it named Dr. Christiane Northrup and she said something that really, really got me.

She said (paraphrase), “What if we taped the words – I ACCEPT MYSELF UNCONDITIONALLY RIGHT NOW – to our bathroom mirrors and said it to ourselves twice a day?  What would happen?”  She said that by saying these simple words to ourselves, they would go straight to our subconscious and slowly, in time, we’d believe it.


Man I believe in the power of the mantra.    I believe in the power of talking to yourself in a positive way.  I believe on my soul level that if you speak it, it will be.


That means my self-criticisms, judgments, critiques, commentaries, evaluations might stop?  The little hairy words that creep around my head on my bad days might stop?


So – it’s on the mirror.  My husband and I are doing it…every day.  Because seriously?  Anything that can help us on an internal basis to ACCEPT OURSELVES UNCONDITIONALLY???   Without thinking stupid crap like:

Well if only I was 10 lbs. lighter

I’m so chubby!

I have no self control…

Look at my face!  It has fallen!

Why is there cellulite on my arms?


My ass is the size of Nebraska!

Is that a second chin?

Am I losing more hair?

Is that a hair growing out of my chin??

I am so fat.

If only I could be….

It’s November.  And it is the month at Turino Fitness where we are actively talking about Mindful Eating and Self Kindness.

Self.  Kindness.  So do this one thing.  Get a sticky note.  Write these words on it (courtesy of Louise Hay)

I ACCEPT MYSELF UNCONDITIONALLY RIGHT NOW.   And say it to yourself, in the eye twice a day.  Or more if you like.

If you get a chance, take a pic of it and e-mail it to turinofitness@gmail.com and I’ll post it on my Facebook page.  Post it EVERYWHERE!  Let’s be the ripple that causes a wave…

Let’s see what happens!

Much peace, love and joy.