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Spring Partner Class Signup

Grab your partner (or friend! or relative! or work associate! or sibling!) and sign up for my 4 week Partner Class. Come move your body and do some cool exercises that require two people. These are be amazing workouts that are fun to do together and will strengthen your bodies AND your relationships. We may have a visitor or two to help with a couple of classes that specialize in – Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga. SO COOL!

PLUS!! CHILDCARE IS PROVIDED. Our babysitter is 16 years old and has been babysitting many children (including my own since they were babies.) She is responsible, loving and fun – AND American Red Cross Certified. The kids can play at the playground while you get a great workout.

Partners Class is a 4 week series with pre-registration required! To reserve your slot, please e-mail me at turinofitness@gmail.com and let me know if you want to sign up!

Mondays – June 2, 9, 16, 23 – Make up Wednesday June 25
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Linwood Rec. Center
St. Clair & Victoria
Cost – 100.00 per pair, 110.00 for families with kids

*Classes may be canceled due to inclement weather. You will be contacted 30 minutes prior to class via e-mail if cancellation is needed



Belly of the Beast.

So – I got word today that someone I loved very much had died. The thing that makes it weird is that it’s my ex-husband’s mom. Weird because all of the societal mores that swirl around relationships make it weird for me, for the family, for my family.

It’s weird.

But there was so much LOVE there. And I have to honor that love. I have to honor the woman who treated me like a daughter. Who taught me a different side of what being a mom means. Who taught me that I could be a beastly screw-up of a human…and she’d still love me. She may not agree with my choices, but she never stopped loving me.

So now…I go into the belly of the beast.

And it’s not the people I’m talking about….although let me say there are a few who are going to meet my being there with more than raised eyebrows.

But the belly of the beast is facing all of the feelings that surround divorce, losing a family, losing a way of life, losing an old self, gaining a new self, gaining a new life, carrying guilt for terrible choices, forgiving yourself, moving forward with self-acceptance, self-love and JOY.

That’s a lot of freaking feelings people.

And, ask anyone, I FEEL my feelings. I don’t run away from them. I FEEL THEM. But today…I self-medicated. And you may or may not relate to my choice of self medication…I self medicated with BREAD.

I had homemade Breadsmith bread with real butter for breakfast.

I had white rolls with ham leftover from Easter for lunch with potato chips.

I had a full container of Milano cookies for a snack with Earl Grey tea and honey for dipping.

I totally cried my way through most of this eating. Because I recognized that what I really needed wasn’t a crapload of gluten…what I needed was comfort.

I have to dust myself off now…dust the breadcrumbs off. And I have to pack my bags, leave my beautiful family who has rallied around me to support me going and showing my utmost respect for a woman who loved me…always. And it’s weird. And it’s hard. And it’s going to be scary facing down all of the people and feelings that bring up SO MUCH stuff for me. Good stuff, hard stuff, beauty, pain.

And I guess that’s life.

I hope they have bread there.


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Getting Ready – Spring into EXERCISE

Can you feel it? Everything thawing, melting and wanting to grow?

That’s you too. You’re ready to grow. Can you feel it stirring – your desire to move?

Exercise is a hard thing to stir into your mixing bowl sometimes. Is this the year? Is this the time that you want to add it? But how to start?

I’m a big fan of one small step.

Today – just go outside and walk around the block. Or down the street and back again. Feel the fresh air moving into your body. Feel the sun on your face. Feel the beauty of putting one foot in front of the other.

And don’t let your fears stop you. Don’t let the “are people looking at me?” or the “am I jiggling when I walk?” or “I look ridiculous.” or the “this is too hard.” or the “you can’t do this.” stop you.

Don’t let ANYTHING stop you.

Because friend, you can do anything. Anything.

Just step outside your door and believe.

And then? Do it again tomorrow.