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Letter to Athleta CEO


Glenn Murphy
Gap Inc Chairman & CEO
2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Dear Mr. Murphy:

I just received my latest catalogue from your Athleta Division and I have some feedback for you to consider.

There is not ONE WOMAN of color in your catalogue.

There is not ONE MIDDLE AGED OR OLDER WOMAN in your catalogue.

And it got me thinking – who IS your target demographic? Because brother, my clients are buying your stuff. And I’m buying your stuff. You have great athletic wear. That is why we buy your stuff.

So…why must you insist on making it be about a 20-25 year old white female?

The world is changing – and I pray that someday…our corporations and their marketing departments will follow.

I have seen your amazing ads for Gap representing people of all color. Why doesn’t it cross over? Heck even Title 9 has got you beat in that they’re using real women with real names and real colors.

You had one African American model for a time. One. I was delighted. I thought maybe…just maybe…you were beginning to be the change. But no, you’re not. And I find it so disappointing.

The obesity rate is alarming in the United States. And young women, children, are looking to have anyone to admire and look up to. Heck, ALL WOMEN are looking for someone to connect with and admire and look up to. And they don’t have to be white women. On the contrary, most every woman CELEBRATES when all women are represented. We’re not stupid. Do you think I look at who you have on your pages and think, “Yes. That is how I’ll look this season?” Give me an ever-loving break. Personally, I’d rather see real women doing real feats of strength or participating in real events wearing your stuff.

Why can’t your images reflect the real and amazing athletes – REAL women that are out there? A strong, kick ass older woman wearing your clothes? Yes. Asian women? Yes. Latino women? Yes. African American women? Yes.

Be the change Mr. Murphy – the world is truly awaiting for images that speak to us. And yours…sadly don’t.


Sarah Turino
Owner – Turino Fitness
Saint Paul, MN 55104


7 thoughts on “Letter to Athleta CEO

  1. ‘atta girl!!!! Love your passion. And your fluid use of the English language. keep it up!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I didn’t want to log into yet another website, so here’s the comment I wanted to post:

    Love this letter! I know the (cynical, defeatist, sexist) reasons why they don’t do it, but I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to see women of different shapes- not just the 5’9” 140 # model/athlete. I wanna see thighs, butts, yes-I’ve-had-babies tummies, our bodacious girls and our beautiful wrinkles!


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