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Be YOU, not an imitation.

Recently I joined Twitter. In retrospect, I’m not really sure why, as it currently seems like a gigantic life suck. But there it is.

While I was perusing some of the people on Twitter – I got really excited to see some amazing female trainers who were promoting strength, and lifting weights, and how important resistance training is for women. Nice! I was stoked. So I started exploring and following and researching these trainers.

All of a sudden, in the middle of it…I started asking myself these crazy questions:

“Holy crap! Look at all of these people doing these amazing things. Should I be doing these amazing things too?”

“What AM I doing?”

“What is my niche?” (please…don’t laugh.)

“What is my marketing image?”

“Who AMMMM I?”

“What in the HELL am I doing???”

I swear to you there was some crazy existential questioning going on…and guess what else? The start of feeling ‘less-than’.

Today I woke up – deleted about half of the people I was following and then got to the heart of it.

I dig me. I really like what I do. I really like the people I do it with. And unlike the pre-packaged, mass marketed stuff going on…I kind of like the relationship that develops between me and the people I work with. I’m different. And different is good. No…different is GREAT.

It got me thinking about how much comparison shopping we all do. Looking around…look at him – he’s got great style, maybe I should have great style. Look at her, she’s so thin…I wish I was that thin. Look at them, they seem so happy, maybe I should find someone and be happy too.


Friend – you are perfect as you are. You are growing, changing, learning and evolving each day. And you are different – and THAT is what makes you beautiful. You are different from me and I’m different from you.

Delight in yourself. Celebrate your difference. BE different. And for (*&)(*& sake, don’t compromise. Be FULL OF AWESOME. Shine. And stop comparing. You’re a gift. So unwrap the packaging and show yourself. 




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Manage your energy, not your time.

TIME.TIME.TIME. I don’t have time. What time is it? There’s never enough time in the day. I’m late. Time to go. Our budgeting of time really takes up a lot of space no?

Have you ever heard something – and it’s a game changer? I was recently at a seminar for women in business with a cool facilitator named Julie Delene. At one point during the seminar, Julie said, “Manage your energy,…not your time.”



Personally speaking, learning this particular lesson has been a long row to hoe, but I tell you if you can get this one figured out? You are getting some things dialed.in.

The challenge I hear often as a trainer is “not having enough time”. And you know what? It’s valid. In this day and age, it’s hard to carve out some time and space for yourself to exercise and do some self care.

But I propose that it is in this space – and in the honoring of this space – that you can bring some balance back into your life.

It seems like everyone’s forgotten themselves. They forget to put themselves in the mix. They give to their kids. They give to their house. They give to their partner. They give to their job. They give to their friends. They give to their family. They give to their spiritual community. They give to their volunteer work. They give to their kids’ school. They give and give and give and give.

But they never ask, what do I need?

So. What about you? Are you creating some space for you to move and honor your health? Are you creating some space for some self-care in whatever form that takes? Are you taking time for quiet? Are you taking time to refill your well in whatever form works for you? (For me it’s quiet, tea, book, or a run with loud music…)

Because these are energy fillers. These are things that fill your energy well.

It takes some doing. It really does. You have to CARVE it out from somewhere. And the worry of many is that some other things will suffer…


But what about you?

Making time to exercise and fill your well does a few things:
*You honor yourself as part of the equation. If you’ve forgotten yourself, now – you remember.
*You are expending energy yes, but you are also creating energy.
*You are filling your well that may be depleted from all of the giving.
*You are upping the chemicals in your body that = HAPPINESS.
*You are feeling more confident as the result of moving your body.
*You are more relaxed.
*You are more ‘ready’ to deal with the things on your list.

If we paid more attention to our well of energy instead of our time, we’d be more in balance. If we were MINDFUL of that delicate balance within, we’d pay more attention to the energy credits/debits of our souls.

What feeds you? What fills your well? What nourishes your spirit? How do you replenish?

What drains you? What do you need to replenish from? What taxes you?

It is a checks and balances of sorts. And so many people concentrate on the time aspect –doing this from x time to z time without paying attention to their energy. Not paying attention to the fact that they.are.tapped.out.

Manage your energy, not your time. Give it a shot for one week. Pay attention to your beautiful self for one week. Are you tired? Sleep. Are you stressed? Exercise. Are you disconnected? Meditate. Are you…whatever? Meet that withdrawal with a deposit. Try to keep your well full for one week. You are so worth it.


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Healthy Kids Summer Camps

Hey Friends – I just wanted to let you know about some fun 1/2 day camps for elementary age kids this summer at Tula Yoga & Wellness, 99 Snelling Ave. Saint Paul, MN 55104. I’m really blessed to be a part of the HEALTHY KIDS Camp – and am really excited to play some fun and active games with your kids:) You can register at http://www.tulayogawellness.com/workshops-events/

6/23 – 6/27 = Healthy Kids Camp*
7/7 – 7/11 = Art & Yoga
7/14 – 7/18 = Flamenco Camp
7/21 – 7/25 = Healthy Kids Camp*

*HEALTHY KIDS Camp – 9:00-12:00
In five half day sessions – kids will practice yoga, play active games, exercise and in the process learn about healthy snacks and eating and how fun and good moving your body is. Have kids bring a water bottle, wear sneakers and comfy clothes to move in. Healthy snack is provided (if your child has dietary requirements, please send healthy snack from home.) Taught by Yoga Instructor, Jaclyn Semlak and Fitness Instructor, Sarah Turino Cost – $150.00

Here’s the flyer for more information about the other camps.




Letter to Athleta CEO

Glenn Murphy
Gap Inc Chairman & CEO
2 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Dear Mr. Murphy:

I just received my latest catalogue from your Athleta Division and I have some feedback for you to consider.

There is not ONE WOMAN of color in your catalogue.

There is not ONE MIDDLE AGED OR OLDER WOMAN in your catalogue.

And it got me thinking – who IS your target demographic? Because brother, my clients are buying your stuff. And I’m buying your stuff. You have great athletic wear. That is why we buy your stuff.

So…why must you insist on making it be about a 20-25 year old white female?

The world is changing – and I pray that someday…our corporations and their marketing departments will follow.

I have seen your amazing ads for Gap representing people of all color. Why doesn’t it cross over? Heck even Title 9 has got you beat in that they’re using real women with real names and real colors.

You had one African American model for a time. One. I was delighted. I thought maybe…just maybe…you were beginning to be the change. But no, you’re not. And I find it so disappointing.

The obesity rate is alarming in the United States. And young women, children, are looking to have anyone to admire and look up to. Heck, ALL WOMEN are looking for someone to connect with and admire and look up to. And they don’t have to be white women. On the contrary, most every woman CELEBRATES when all women are represented. We’re not stupid. Do you think I look at who you have on your pages and think, “Yes. That is how I’ll look this season?” Give me an ever-loving break. Personally, I’d rather see real women doing real feats of strength or participating in real events wearing your stuff.

Why can’t your images reflect the real and amazing athletes – REAL women that are out there? A strong, kick ass older woman wearing your clothes? Yes. Asian women? Yes. Latino women? Yes. African American women? Yes.

Be the change Mr. Murphy – the world is truly awaiting for images that speak to us. And yours…sadly don’t.


Sarah Turino
Owner – Turino Fitness
Saint Paul, MN 55104