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The Horrors of Bathing Suit Shopping


Here was my post on Facebook:

Sarah’s angel voice: Self love sister. Self.love
Sarah’s angel voice: ommmmmmmm. Deep.breaths.deeeep breaths. It’s just a damn bathing suit.

The rational mind and the irrational (seriously) mind at war with each other on a playing field that EXHAUSTS ME.

I teach every client, every student, my little girls – YOUR BODY IS A GIFT. Enjoy it. Cherish it. Love yourself. And yet, here I am – self flagellating in the face of buying a bathing suit.

If you think trainers don’t do mental gymnastics about this stuff, you’re so wrong. The pressure to look a certain way plagues us – “People expect me to look uber fit, so I need to diet myself into submission and look like an Athleta model.” It’s enough to give me an ulcer.


But I have to stop myself from jumping on the hamster wheel and I have to reallllllly talk myself down. I have to talk to myself like I talk to anyone I work with.

You are perfect.
You are beautiful.
Your body is just a container for your beautiful self.
It doesn’t define you.
Love yourself.
Celebrate your amazing-ness.
Let go of the pressures the world has put on you to look a certain way. That is stuff from the outside.
You are made up of more important things – stuff from the inside.

So – I ordered the suits. And you know what? I’m going to wear them and run around and go swimming and stand in the face of my husband’s love with pride. Because I love me. And I hope I can pattern that for my kids, and my clients, and my friends, and people everywhere.

Screw you unrealistic images of women in bathing suits. Screw you society’s expectations of what I’m supposed to look like. I love me and am not going to use you as a barometer of how I should look.

One drop causes a ripple causes a wave. Let’s do this people.


2 thoughts on “The Horrors of Bathing Suit Shopping

  1. I need a new bathing suit, and your attitude to go with it. Here’s to accepting there is no ideal, that we’re all beautiful no matter our shape or size 🙂

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