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What’s stronger – Habit or Willpower?

It’s almost New Year’s! And for some of us, that means Resolutions! Ah yes, the big pronouncement. “This year I will….” Or “This year I will not….”

Man I just love a fresh slate, a chance to start new and reboot. The problem is the research bears out that about half of us making the resolutions don’t have a lot of success.

And guess what the number one resolution was in this year’s study (and probably every other year…)?

Losing weight. You can check it out here.

What got me thinking about this was I read a small article in one of my continuing ed journals about a study that looked at the power of HABIT versus the power of WILLPOWER and which is stronger?

And the New Year’s Resolution is often all about willpower.

Guess what? The research shows that setting up habits is more successful than willpower, self-control, or forcing oneself to stop or do something. Results showed that people tend to fall back on their habits instead of using willpower to make those changes successfully. Read the full study here.

So. Making changes in your life isn’t about making the BIG CHANGE. It’s about making a series of small changes and making those small changes a habit. The question for you to consider when trying to do something new with regularity, or stop doing something you don’t want to do anymore is, “How can I make this thing a HABIT?”

When I quit smoking (I know, disgusting), I had to stop all of my triggers: Coffee, alcohol, going to places that people smoked (in the day when this was allowed). I had to create new daily habits until my new habits replaced my old habits. It took some time before I felt comfortable having a cup of coffee again because I was so afraid of the trigger.

What are your goals? Do you have New Year’s Resolutions? If so consider this –
Instead of saying things like:

*I am going to exercise every day.
*I am going to lose 25 pounds.
*I will never eat potato chips again.
*I will never eat ice cream again.
*I will always eat what’s good for me.

How about if you can pick three things that you can do with regularity that lead you toward your long term goal?

*During this 7 day week, I’m going to go for two walks.
*I’m going to eat dessert every other day.
*I’m going to have my plate be made up of 2/3 vegetables .
*I’m going to take the stairs.
*On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m going to an exercise class.
*I’m not going to put sugar in my coffee.
*I’m going to only eat out 3 times this week.
*I will look for parking spots that are far away from an entrance.

Then, create situations that make it easy for you to make that healthy choice a habit:
*Leave your gym bag in your car, so you can stop at the gym on the way home from work.
*Carry healthy snacks so that you have them if you get the munchies.
*Carry water.
*Bring your yoga mat with you in the car.
*Lay out your workout clothes so you can roll out of bed and change into them (or sleep in them…yes I’ve been known to do this from time to time.)
*Register for an event so that you have motivation to train for and do the event.
*Make certain days of the week your ‘workout days’.
*Put running shoes and water bottle where you trip on them…or in your car.

You get the idea.

This leads me to the great quote “Motivation is what gets you started. HABIT is what keeps you going”
–Jim Ryun

Happy New Year!! May this year be full of healthy habits for you and yours.



The Horrors of Bathing Suit Shopping

Here was my post on Facebook:

Sarah’s angel voice: Self love sister. Self.love
Sarah’s angel voice: ommmmmmmm. Deep.breaths.deeeep breaths. It’s just a damn bathing suit.

The rational mind and the irrational (seriously) mind at war with each other on a playing field that EXHAUSTS ME.

I teach every client, every student, my little girls – YOUR BODY IS A GIFT. Enjoy it. Cherish it. Love yourself. And yet, here I am – self flagellating in the face of buying a bathing suit.

If you think trainers don’t do mental gymnastics about this stuff, you’re so wrong. The pressure to look a certain way plagues us – “People expect me to look uber fit, so I need to diet myself into submission and look like an Athleta model.” It’s enough to give me an ulcer.


But I have to stop myself from jumping on the hamster wheel and I have to reallllllly talk myself down. I have to talk to myself like I talk to anyone I work with.

You are perfect.
You are beautiful.
Your body is just a container for your beautiful self.
It doesn’t define you.
Love yourself.
Celebrate your amazing-ness.
Let go of the pressures the world has put on you to look a certain way. That is stuff from the outside.
You are made up of more important things – stuff from the inside.

So – I ordered the suits. And you know what? I’m going to wear them and run around and go swimming and stand in the face of my husband’s love with pride. Because I love me. And I hope I can pattern that for my kids, and my clients, and my friends, and people everywhere.

Screw you unrealistic images of women in bathing suits. Screw you society’s expectations of what I’m supposed to look like. I love me and am not going to use you as a barometer of how I should look.

One drop causes a ripple causes a wave. Let’s do this people.

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15 Things to Help You During The Holidays

I went on the internet yesterday and was strangely disturbed to find about 5 different things on Facebook and in my list of suggested likes about “Not gaining weight over the holidays…” or “How to keep the pounds off…” or “How to Keep your Workouts Consistent during the holidays…”

Oh my. Is this what we’re going to worry about and focus on during this magical time? Not gaining weight?

It makes me tired. It makes me tired how much time we spend focusing on the size of our butts and the number on the scale. It makes me wonder if we’ll all, ever start paying attention to what’s important. Will we ever?

We have an opportunity with this changeover from year end to year beginning to focus on something more important; to focus on something bigger. Something that can be the drop that causes a ripple that causes a wave throughout our circles and ultimately the world.

Our WELLNESS. How? Well, when you’re ticking along at optimum, you can positively affect change in those around you – and those around them – and on and on and on.

But to do that, you need to be less myopic and more holistic.

-characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole

All parts of our health and wellness are connected. If you’re not sleeping well, you’re not metabolizing food like you could be. If you’re stressed out, you’re stressing your system. If you’re not drinking enough water… If you’re not eating whole foods… If you’re not moving your body with some regularity… If you’re not loving your beautiful self… If you’re not breathing fully…

It’s all connected. We are a system of connections (even physiologically – circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary.) When one is being neglected, it stresses the others and so on and so on. From the inside out – it’s a system. A WHOLE system. A WHOLE AND BEAUTIFUL SYSTEM. YOU.ARE.A.WHOLE.AND.BEAUTIFUL.SYSTEM.

Now, how to support it? How to support this amazing system of yours?

It’s not complicated. But you have to be mindful.

1) Don’t eat too much or drink too much.
2) Eat whole foods.
3) Drink enough water.
4) Take deep breaths – or meditate every day.
5) Get spiritually connected in a way that moves you.
6) Give love freely to yourself and others.
7) Move in a way that pleases you.
8) Lift some things.
9) Stretch with regularity.
10) Get fresh air.
11) Laugh.
12) Create.
13) Listen to your body – it’s always talking to you.
14) Treat yourself kindly – massage, reiki, baths.
15) Listen to your spirit – it’s always talking to you and guiding you to help you stay in balance. It’s a quiet almost whisper of a voice. Be still and listen.

May your holiday season be blessed and joyful and peaceful and fun. And this year? Let us all keep our eyes on the prize.