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Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Not so long ago I liked to PUSH PUSH PUSH. All the time. No brakes. Hard as you can. And I liked to teach classes like that too.

Here’s the dealio…I’m old now. I hit the big 45 this year and you know what I’m yearning for on a SOUL level? Balance.

In the past year, with some soul searching and seeking out real meaning in what I do, I felt called to help people start moving their bodies. Because starting (and re-starting) is the hardest part, I remember. Somewhere along the way a few years back, I forgot how wonderful it feels to move your body and how…good it is. Maybe you’ve forgotten too? I understand – I really do.

Getting moving or getting going again can be a little overwhelming. Awhile back when I started my ‘Just Starting Out’ class I blogged about my experience re-entering the exercise world (see Just Starting Out) I was nervous. I was overwhelmed. I was afraid. I didn’t know how to start, where to start, what to do, what to wear. I was afraid people would laugh when they saw me huffing and puffing down the street the color of a tomato…


But somewhere inside – I remembered that it felt good or it WOULD feel good eventually. So I was determined.

Have you been or are you in this place?

If so, join me this winter for classes at Tula Yoga and Wellness. They are allowing me to continue to follow my hearts desire by teaching (inside!) ‘Just Starting Out’ and ‘Beginner Bootcamp’ fitness classes. Tula is fantastic. I am so grateful to have found a space that meets and celebrates people where they are and joins with them on their journey of wellness. Finding a place where you can feel safe and good is a wonderful and important place to start. And from the moment I walked in, I didn’t feel the need to compete or go beyond where I felt was right for me for the day. That’s so important. Because, wellness isn’t a competition. It’s so personal. And it’s YOUR journey, not anyone else’s. You shouldn’t look around and feel less than, ever.

You.are.a.gift. An amazing human to be delighted in and celebrated.

Ok. Some Details that I like to call…


When I thought about re-starting exercise – I got a little hung up in the details. Maybe this list will help?
1) Look at the calendar – decide on some classes.
2) Map out your workout week. Put it into your phone, book and calendar. These are your appointments to be honored.
3) Get some really good, inspiring goals. Goals help you with number 2. They help you stay focused and they remind you why you’re waking up so bloody early etc.
4) Eat well. Drink water. When you regularly exercise, your body needs good nutrition and plenty of water – simple as that.
5) Class Day – Wear clothes you are comfortable and can move in. I really like synthetic fabrics that wick the moisture away from your body. Champion brand at Target is affordable. Cotton gets wet and stays wet and then there’s the chafing.
6) About chafing – Great product called Body Glide you can get at exercise/running stores. However, if you have some petroleum jelly around or Crisco…rock on. Anything to avoid chafing. Just put it on where you have rubbing.
7) Shoes – I’m a big believer in good shoes. Socks – same. Wicking socks help w/ no blisters.
8) But really – you can forgo all of this if you want to. These are just tips that have helped me over the years. Just come – and don’t worry about what you’re wearing. There’s no right or wrong thing to wear. What matters is that you’re there and moving your body. Just be comfortable.
9) Bring a yoga mat. I’m a huge sweater – copious amounts of sweat flows from my body (is this oversharing?) so I also bring a hand towel.
10) Bring your water bottle.

My classes are Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:00 am at Tula Yoga and Wellness. Check out their calendar for details about mine and many other great classes.

And remember friends – Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
This wellness journey is yours and yours alone.
And I’d be delighted to share a little of the road with you – we can keep each other company.





Wintertime often causes people anxiety. They’ve spent the summer getting into shape and they fear going back to square one with the onset of short days, slippery sidewalks and the call of the warm couch.

I hear that.

I think the key to winter is being consistent and doing what you like to do (so you’re not hating it ie. riding my bike on the trainer….aaaaahhh). Look at it as maintenance. Even better – do new things. Winter is a great time to try new things that you don’t normally do outside and in warm weather. How about a Zumba class or a Kickboxing class or an Indoor Bootcamp or TRX or Crossfit? What interests you? What have you ALWAYS wanted to try? Winter is perfect for that.

I like to be outside. I think fresh air is just good for the soul. So being inside is hard for me. So if I’m going to be inside – I’m going to be doing something I darn well enjoy. Some people enjoy the treadmill………hoo boy, I am not necessarily one of those people. Essentially I want to chew off my arm on the treadmill. This is my face on the treadmill:

Untitled design (1)

So now we transition to – being outside in the winter. Yes – I exercise outside in the winter. Why? Because it’s beautiful. It’s different. It’s quiet. It’s heavenly. Truth. Really.

Is it cold? Well, a little at the beginning, but after you warm up it’s quite lovely. The outside temp FEELS about 10-15 degrees warmer once you get going. So, say that it’s 35 degrees out – once you get going, it’ll feel like 50. The key is dressing properly. So here are my suggestions for “What to Wear in Winter for Exercise”: Continue reading

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The Happiness Project

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”
—-Dalai Lama

Happiness. There was a great article in one of my continuing ed journals about how Happiness isn’t something that just happens…you have to HELP make it happen. You have to till the garden, fertilize the soil, water the happy plants. Here were some of their thoughts on happy garden work and what research has shown what happy people do: – devote a great amount of time to nurturing and enjoying relationships. – are comfortable expressing gratitude to others. – are optimistic about their futures. – savor life’s pleasures and try to live in the present moment. – make physical exercise a weekly and daily habit. – are committed to lifelong goals and ambitions. – have stresses and even tragedies, but are able to cope in the face of challenges. Happiness is a practice. Grab hold of it and tend your garden:)

Here are 12 researched strategies for sustainable happiness courtesy of “The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want” by Sonja Lyubomirsky:

1. Count your blessings. Express gratitude for what you have.
2. Cultivate optimism. Keep a journal and write about the best possible future for yourself.
3. Avoid overthinking and social comparison. Minimize dwelling on problems and comparing yourself to others.
4. Practice acts of kindness for friends or strangers.
5. Develop nurturing relationships.
6. Do more activities that truly engage you – activities in which you “lose” yourself.
7. Replay and savor life’s joys.
8. Commit to your goals. Design them and pursue them.
9. Develop strategies for coping with stress, hardship or trauma.
10. Learn to forgive. Keep a journal or write a letter to let go of anger and resentment.
11. Practice religion and spirituality.
12. Take care of your body by engaging in phsycial activity, meditating, smiling and laughing.

Peace.Love.JOY. 🙂