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Bruce Lee!

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” –Bruce Lee

Yes. Thank you, Bruce Lee.

I think people forget that the mind, body, spirit connection is a chain. And that chain, when linked together, acts as a power cord. When plugged in, the energy extends through you, out of you, and touches all that you do.

The challenge is that many people don’t or can’t pay attention to more than one link. If they’re spending a lot of time in their brains – they forget to exercise. Or if they’re exercising or are in training for something, maybe they’re not spiritually connected. Or if they’re living in the land of feeling, they let the feelings override their brains.

It’s a connection of links. And all are to be balanced like plates in the air. It’s a delicate connection that you have to be mindful of…and work on. And you have to be aware and have enough perspective to even see 1) IF there’s a disconnection and then, 2) which part is disconnected. Even more interesting is when you are able to stand back and look at how things are affected when one of your links comes off.

Life doesn’t just happen to you. Life is about the energy and intention you are living and putting out in the world.

In college I read that the body is a house of four rooms – spiritual, intellectual, physical, and emotional. And those rooms are to be opened and aired out each day. This is how I started thinking about balance. “Did I air out all of my rooms today?”

So – back to Bruce Lee – one of the most incredible athletes and spiritual warriors and physical pioneers of our age. Once you’re connected, THERE ARE NO LIMITS. There are only the limits that you create and perceive. You can do.anything. Anything at all. You can lose 20 lbs. You can do a pull-up (by years end…I am obsessed with this goal.) You can run a marathon. You can jump out of an airplane. You can scale a mountain. You can trust in love. You can overcome things that happened to you in your past and flourish. You can do the scariest thing ever and become a parent. You can be healthy and well. You can stop fear in its tracks. You can be successful by whatever means you measure success. You can. You can DO.ANYTHING.

Get connected and just see what happens. Peace!


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“A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.” – Joan Welsh

I love this quote.

Every time I see a set of stairs, I have this bizarre compulsion to not just go up them like a normal person…but to TAKE them. Taking stairs two at a time is the just the best thing ever and I pray that when I’m 80, I’ll still be able to.

What do you think it is that causes people, in the face of overwhelming research, to not exercise? There isn’t anything that comes out of exercise that is bad (Ok – one could argue nagging injuries.) But really – it’s all good stuff. Here’s the short list:

*Controls Weight
*Combats health diseases and conditions
*Improves mood & mental health
*Boosts energy
*Promotes good sleep
*Puts the spark into your libido
*Improved brain function and memory
*Increased strength
*Increased bone density

Now, couple exercise with eating balanced and healthy food and man, you can just knock it out of the park.

For me – the combination is going to hopefully set me up to take the stairs (and definitely NOT THE PILLS) for life. Want to join me?



Me and the Whole 30

So have you heard of the Whole 30? It feels like a quiet movement that is slowly educating and helping people about the power of whole foods.

When I heard of the Paleo diet – honestly I completely disregarded it. I didn’t read anything on it or form any opinions on it or give it much thought. What I did hear of, however, was the Whole 30. The Whole 30 is Paleo (apparently) but a little more rigid. No alcohol, for example.

First let me tell you (you probably already know this about me) that I don’t do or recommend ‘diets’. Invariably, they seem to set people up for failure. Every choice I’ve ever made about my nutrition or what I may recommend as a trainer has been well thought out, researched and cautious. I’m pretty conservative in that regard.

So why the Whole 30? And what is the Whole 30? Continue reading

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“Clear your mind of can’t” – Samuel Johnson

The mind is such a powerful thing. It can propel you into choices, movement, action…or, it can make you stop dead in your tracks.

Everybody’s different around the word can’t. But can’t is a mindset. And it is a word that makes your mind, your intention, your action stop. It’s a powerful word.

My mantra in response to my children’s “I caaaaaan’t” is…”You can DO anything.”

So, if I want them to believe it – I have to believe it.

I think can’t should be struck from the English language. Continue reading