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Here we go!

Did you know that the general recommendations for fitness include 3-5 cardio days and 3-5 strength days a week? Sounds like a lot right?

The thing I really like to do is combine them. This is what I try to do across my schedule. It’s not just cardio. It’s not just strength work. It’s not just flexibility. It’s all of it. Now add in that I try to work your body out from top to bottom and you’re covered!

So here’s a list of ten things to do:

1) Look at the calendar – decide on some classes. Note the locations on the calendar (because we move around).
2) Map out your workout week. Put it into your phone, book and calendar. These are your appointments to be honored.
3) Get some really good, inspiring goals. Goals help you with number 2. They help you stay focused and they remind you why you’re waking up so bloody early etc.
4) Eat well. Drink water. When you regularly exercise, your body needs good nutrition and plenty of water – simple as that. Continue reading


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“Strong is the new thin…” – Unknown

I’ve been thinking a lot over the winter about what incredible pressure we have to be thin. Pressure from ourselves, our partners, our society, our media, our country. (Though if you can step back from the media one it’s a pretty funny dichotomy – on one hand telling us how we should look and on the other hand ramming junk food and soda ads down our throats…crazy.)

Sometimes, if you let it, it can give you a big case of the “not good enoughs.” Believe me, I know this tape. Back when I was a kid, my brother called me Spud Butt – and ever since, I’ve been obsessed with the size of my butt. Imagine me turned around in a mirror muttering: “Why is it the size of Nebraska? I don’t understand!!” (ps – genetics.)

My point is that I’ve given up on being thin. I don’t want it anymore. I don’t want to look like an emaciated model, nor do I want to live a life that would put me there. I like food. Also I want some PIPES…haha!

So – I’m embracing a new motto that I heard somewhere in something I read by someone I don’t remember…BUT I LOVED IT. Continue reading


Skydiving Lessons

I used to be a skydiver. Crazy, right? It brought me great pleasure and some amazing friends. But the thing I’m most grateful for is that skydiving taught me some MAJOR life lessons.

Have you ever done something really overwhelming? So overwhelming that you freeze like a deer in headlights? That’s what skydiving was for me at the beginning.

So my instructors taught me to break the jump into pieces. In the case of skydiving it was:
1) Put your feet out and stop. (Heck you gotta take a pause and collect yourself!)
2) Climb all the way out. (Be mindful of your choices moving you forward.)
3) Look up. (Be aware, be awake, look around, concentrate on where you are. Stay in the present.)
4) Jump! (Let go. Be unafraid – or better, don’t let fear control you…face it and tell it to piss off.)

These life lessons have followed me and helped me take on a new city, a couple of new jobs, marriage, parenthood, new career, learning to swim. Skydiving taught me that I could do ANYTHING. Continue reading