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Biggest Loser – huh..


For the first time ever, I’m watching “Biggest Loser.” There were a few reasons I was spiritually opposed to this show:
-I didn’t like the title – it felt demeaning
-I didn’t like how they made obese people wear spandex – it felt demeaning
-I didn’t like how the trainers screamed at the participants – that IS demeaning
-It didn’t represent the real world to me. Who works out 4-6 hours a day? Who reasonably loses 10 lbs. a week and keeps it off?
-It hasn’t (thus far) addressed the real, psychological issues that go hand and hand with food addiction. If they are getting help, (outside of Jillian’s dramatic heart to hearts) I’m not seeing it.
-They never really talk specific nutrition on the show. What (outside of bringing needed attention to soda consumption and junk food consumption) real tools can people come away with and use in their real lives?

So I walked into this kind of skeptical. But I find myself really rooting for these people. These people and kids (thank you for taking on the huge and growing problem of childhood obesity) are really inspiring.

Is that all the show is to do? Inspire? Make us feel inspired?

Because I am feeling a disconnect – it seems too easy. To make real, behavioral changes, some real emotional work needs to get done. And the show doesn’t really show that part. So I like the people, I like their successes and I am inspired by their hard work. But I’m curious – does it parlay into the real world? Has anyone watched the show, followed their online program, and successfully lost and kept off weight?

Just curious and would like some feedback.


2 thoughts on “Biggest Loser – huh..

  1. I love the Biggest Loser, but for all of the reasons that you listed that don’t exist on the show. My wife and I have always watched the show, but I hate that they only show what they feel will get the most viewers. We always laugh when they have their diet moments that pay for the show (like the Subway visits or JennyO recipes). It really is a good show, but it could do SOOO much more for people if they focused the screen time on the actual help. Tell people exactly what the contestants are doing exercise-wise, show the diet logs, show more scenes that involve those “light bulb” moments. Nice post!

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