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My Favorite Gift

My girls and I had a conversation a couple of days ago about “What was your favorite gift?”
Their favorite gifts were some iteration of legos and facial products.
They said, “What about you mom?”
When I opened the envelope, I assumed it would be another Christmas card…except it had been delivered to Tula Yoga & Wellness. I was curious as I peeled the envelope open.
Inside were the most loving, caring, beautiful words I’ve read in some time. A woman who comes to my class wrote about what she’d learned, how the class made her feel, how important our contact had been.
It made me tear up and it was, is, my favorite gift.
Someone shared that I had impacted them.
And it was my favorite gift.
I’m going to take some time out over the next week to send letters to those people who took the time, who saw me, who made impact.
I think the world need more of that.
I see you. Do you see me?
xo, Sarah



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IMG_20181229_060141It’s super interesting when ageism slips into conversation and how easily it goes unnoticed.

It is the same for all isms.

I’ve wanted to talk about getting older for awhile, but it’s unnerving. Because in this culture, when you get older you get disregarded.

Isn’t that interesting? When you get older you get disregarded.

You don’t physically look like what societal messaging has put out as the norm. And so you no longer have anything relevant to say.

Here’s how the exchange went down:

Person asks about a yoga studio.

Person makes a recommendation for a yoga studio but puts these words, “Plus it’s a young woman that owns and runs it” as a benefit or a selling point.


I’d like to say this. Until you start to disconnect and unearth the messaging that we’ve been taught in this society about Racism, Sexism, Classism, Ableism, Anti-Semitism (and other ethnic isms), Ageism and Heterosexism messaging,

…you’ll never be free.

As for me?

I still have some things to say.
I still have some things to teach.
I still have some things to do.

Until I’m no longer in my earthly body.

Whether you choose to listen based on my age? Well, I guess that’s up to you.

xo, Sarah


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Change & Dealing with Change

Ahhh change. Not my very favorite thing – you? It’s been a process of getting comfortable with change because..

‘Life is Change’ – Heraclitus of Ephesus


The top five stressors in life:

  • Death of a loved one.
  • Divorce.
  • Moving.
  • Major illness or injury.
  • Job loss.

We just moved…

In today’s Pajama Talk, we talk Change & Dealing with Change. Click here to see it.

xo, Sarah

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Body Appreciation – Getting in Your Body

Your body is part of the gift of you. It is part of the WHOLE package.

This beautiful machine houses your spirit. It allows you to sense and feel, move through the world, give and receive love, communicate, do your work, create…

It’s important to connect with it in a way that feels good and right for you. Your body longs for you to celebrate, appreciate, feel it.

Click here on ideas to Get in Your Body

It can be as simple as a breath. But see how it feels to feel your edges, appreciate all the body does without your asking (breathing, digesting, regulating,) notice the areas of tension and/or pain and give them your attention and loving kindness, thank your body from head to toe.

See how it feels to BE in your body.

Peace, Sarah

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Body Appreciation – Awe, Wonder & Appreciation

Last post we talked about “The Disconnect” that can occur from the beautiful gift of our machines. It can happen for many reasons. But this disconnection is designed to never allow yourself to be satisfied or at home in your body.

And the messages from marketers are all around the superficial. Get thinner. Get stronger. Get whatever.

This can leave you chronically discontented with your physical body.

What if we stood back and looked at all your body DOES moment to moment? What is in that noticing, you could begin to stand in awe – wonder – and deep gratitude for the gift that is your body?

Click here to hear more.

Let me know what you think and how this shift goes for you.

Peace, Sarah

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Body Appreciation – The Disconnect

There is this thing that happens, for many reasons, that I call “The Disconnect.”

That moment when you disconnect from your beautiful body. All of a sudden you’re at odds with it. Frustrated with it. Disgusted by it.

Click here to watch a little about “The Disconnect” 

I watch my youngest running around and fully embodied in herself. It is a thing of beauty. I watch my oldest and remember the strange discomfort that happens when you’re a teenager – too tall, too thin, clutzy.

It is the human experience, but marketers take advantage of what is meant to be a stage. They prolong it so that a human never feels good and right in their skin.

  • Lose weight.
  • Boob implants.
  • Botox.
  • Tummy tucks.
  • Lipo
  • Photoshop

And this just scratches the surface.

The thing is – your body in whatever form is how you sense and feel and experience this life. We’re going to be talking more about appreciating your body in upcoming weeks. For now, start to notice the areas and spaces that you have a dislike, distaste, frustration with your body.

See where you hang out.

Peace, Sarah

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Spinal Mobility – Cat/Cow

One of the BEST GIFTS to give yourself is Spinal Mobility. It is the one practice I try and do every day. There are many practices that offer you spinal mobility and core stability. One fairly common one is moving from cat pose to cow pose.

It’s fun to watch people do cat/cow pose when I teach. Often I see the head leading the movement and the tail moving, but there isn’t any movement of the shoulder blades. Often people don’t move through this slowly, the slower you move – the more you’re asking your brain to get connected to the movement.

Feel jerky movements when you move slowly? GREAT that’s an indicator of sensory motor amnesia – or areas where your brain and muscles aren’t as connected as they could be. Every time you pass through, you’ll over yourself more and more connection.

This scapulothoracic area really gets sticky. Why? Because we use phones, computers, drive etc. A LOT. Our shoulders tend to round forward and we lose cortical awareness and control of our chest and upper back.

So let’s play with some spinal mobility. Let’s break apart cat/cow. You can break cat/cow into lots of pieces to feel more in the movement.

  1. Just move shoulder blades toward/away from spine.
  2. Just tilt tail up/down
  3. Do both. Notice your head doesn’t lead the movement, but naturally follows the undulation of your spine.
  4. Try rocking a little forward in your cow and a little back in your cat.
  5. Play with slowing down. Can you control the movement if you move slowly?

This video illustrates the above movements.

Other ways to play with it:

    • Try it seated in a chair.
    • Try it standing with hands on knees.

Enjoy! Sarah