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Universal Roadblocks

Have you ever been working toward something that feels important to you, only to have the Universe put stuff in your way that slows you down or even stops you??

Those times piss me off. And they make me wonder what the lesson is and what I’m supposed to be learning from the onslaught of frustration that occurs when I’m getting roadblocks from the Universe.

This go around, after a year of playing it pretty conservatively at Crossfit, I decided to start adding more weight and exploring my own personal edges of strength. So, I started adding weight and making some progress annnnnd…

ROADBLOCK #1 – My back started bothering me again after a couple of years being pain-free.


Back on the hamster wheel of trying to figure it out. Then, I start to get it figured out and start feeling better annnnnd….

ROADBLOCK #2 – I sprain my ankle doing burpees to box jumps.

Seriously what the f&*k people?

Now after about 4 weeks off of being able to exercise in a way that makes me feel good, I’M GOING CRAZY. I have begun konmari’ing my house (is that a verb?); I want to clean all of the things; and I don’t feel good because I’m not moving my body in a way that pleases me.

I feel like poop.

I’m standing in the middle of my discomfort. I’m standing in the eye of it.

Ever felt like this? What do you do?

For me, this is where some of the philosophy of yoga really serves – unhooking from discomfort and inviting peace in whatever situation I’m in (even if it doesn’t feel good.)

Back to my mat. Back to my breath. Back to moving mindfully and in a way that doesn’t invite injury. And when it’s time, I’ll go back to burpees to box jumps. But until then…abide.

When the Universe is putting up roadblocks, take a breath. Breathe in the idea that everything is unfolding in its own timing for your highest good. If you’re standing in the middle of a Universal Roadblock, slow down and breathe, release and allow…

Namaste, Sarah


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Rant. Belly hatred.

Let the rant begin:

Do you hate your tummy? It’s time to turn this train around and make some sweet peace with our Buddha Bellies.

1) Hey many of us grew BABIES IN THERE! Rockstars. So, love your belly – treat it kindly. Pat it, rub it, love it.

2) You can’t change skin. You can tone muscle and lose fat, but you can’t change skin. Mine is deliciously cellulitey because I’m mostly Irish, white skinned, and eat pizza. But I love it. I love me….

3) Loving yourself is a rebellious act in this culture!!!!!!!

4) ONE MORE THING – do you want to diet yourself into submission? I don’t. I want to be fit and healthy and love myself and eat good food and drink wine and laugh. Some trainers will say diet, diet, diet…I say live life, move, laugh and learn to love your belly.

Rant over. Namaste.

Hey Fear...

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Hey Fear…Piss.Off.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. And yesterday, I decided to tell FEAR to “Piss.off.”

About a month ago, I was asked to sub for some Power Yoga classes at a wonderful yoga studio called The Den Yoga. A couple of things tripped my trigger – the teachers there are trained differently than I am trained. And, I have a problem with remembering sequences. A BIG problem. But the sub dates were about two months off, so I was like, “Cool. I can figure this out in two months.”

Commence the stress dreams and non-stop mental masturbation. Ugh.

Did I mention I forget where the hell I am in the sequences (did I do the right side? Where the hell ARE we? What was I going to do next? Blah, blah, blah…) The same thing happens when I have to take a test…I know the information. But if you ask me, my brain just LOCKS THE HELL UP. Hugely stressful for me.

So now..it’s Mother’s Day. And I’m just hanging with my family and having such a beautiful day. And my friend Ginny who manages the studio puts a call out for someone to help her the next day (today) for two of her Power Yoga classes because she’s got laryngitis.

Me: Oh please someone answer her.

Me: Come on. Someone! Anyone? Bueller?


I realized that I was avoiding offering to sub for my sweet, sick friend because I.Was.Afraid.

Of failure, of making an ass of myself, of not doing it well, of doing something outside of my comfort zone, of of of of….the list goes on and on.

I picked up my damn phone and texted, “I’LL DO IT.”

Then, I invited all of my people to please come to the class. If I was going to go down in flames, let me do it with people I love and who will be kind to me.

Fear is a sticky, tarry mess. And you can get caught in it. And if you allow it, it will keep your world small.

If you’re faced with a situation that terrifies you, consider telling Fear to “Piss Off.” Expand your edges. Lean into your discomfort.

Because what’s the worst thing that can happen??? You fail? I fail?? Maybe… But maybe not. And whatever else happens – you didn’t let fear dictate your actions.

Because that feeling?? That crazy, terrified, ‘OHMYGODWHATTHEHELLAMIDOING???!!!’

That’s living.

ps – I had fun. It was fun. The class members seemed happy. We laughed. We moved our bodies.

Namaste, Sarah

Progress (1)

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Body Love

I had a colleague ask this week for some suggestions about the weight around her middle. You have to understand, when I look at her she is strong – beautiful – amazing. So that she was asking me reminded me…

We all question our bodies.

And it’s NO WONDER. We’re being fed these crazy images of emaciated women being the norm. It makes every normal-sized woman question themselves.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but my actual giving a crap about what people expect me to look like is taking a nosedive. Most of the time I’m pretty much digging the skin I’m in.

Is that what it takes? Age? Did it just take me turning 47 to stop giving an actual F&*K? Worrying and fretting about how toned my arms are and that my butt is genetically the size of Nebraska? Does it take turning 47 to start enjoying life instead of obsessing about every.little.thing. I put in my mouth?

Do my poor daughters have to doubt their amazingness and their incredible beauty for 40 years? Do they have to question how incredible and strong their amazing bodies are for 40 years? Do they have to wonder what incredible gifts they are to this planet for 40 years?

My God I hope not.

Your body is a gift – to be cherished and adored and celebrated. It is a wonderful machine that does most of the things that you ask of it.  It should be washed in gratitude and loved fully.

When you wonder? Look at what you can do. When you doubt? Hug yourself tightly and remember that the whole of you is a gift. Your machine is a gift.

Replace the awful, punishing words we use on ourselves with love, kindness, tenderness, care. Wash yourself in self-compassion, self-delight, self-love, self-celebration.

Don’t wait for 40 years. I beg you.

Namaste, Sarah


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Getting Coached

Today I had a session with one of my Crossfit coaches and it was so good.

I love classes, but sometimes you need someone’s eyeballs, someone’s expertise focused JUST ON YOU.

A good coach will assess your weaknesses and your strengths but not belabor what you can’t do. A good coach will give you the tools to progress you toward your goals. A good coach has a solid foundation of knowledge. A good coach gives a rip about you and your progress. A good coach meets you where you are. And, in the end, a good coach has HEART.

Crossfit has felt like a mountain I’m scaling. Everything feels SO HARD. And I leave often feeling dejected because of my lack of ability to perform in the way I want to…it frustrates me, challenges me, forces me to check my ego at the door. And a good coach sees that effort and recognizes it, but helps you face it and hopefully go beyond it. Today mine said something that I say often in my classes, but to hear it myself as I was hanging from a rope trying to master getting a bite so that I could climb was pure gold.

He said, “Sarah – Progress. Not perfection.”

In the gym. In life.

Progress means forward momentum. It means growth. It means a life fertilized with hard work, goals and leaning in.

Perfection is a dance with the devil…because there’s no such thing.

Today, I learned a lot of amazing new information that I hope will take me a little further up the rope. But the thing I was reminded of MOST? I really appreciate a good coach who teaches life as well…

Peace, Sarah

ps: IMG_20160330_081620



Kicking Insecurity’s Butt

It creeps around the edges doesn’t it? Waiting…like a predator. Then, something happens and you crack a bit and it oozes in.


And it happens to each of us. Something to lay us low, to cause us to forget our brilliance, to knock us down a few notches.

It happened to me this week. Something that made me wonder if I’m too old, if I’m not ‘fit enough’, if I don’t look the part enough of a fitness/yoga instructor. And when you’re in the middle of it? It can just make you feel like s(*&t. It can make you question everything – doubt e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

In places and spaces like that, you and I have two choices to make:

  • Sink in and allow whatever is happening to sap us of our brilliance.
  • Armor up and do battle.

I’m over hanging out in the first choice, so let’s armor up and kick insecurity’s butt.

First of all, what other people think of you is none of your damn business.

Second, you are absolutely unequivocally a treasure. A gift. And it doesn’t matter what you look like, how old you are, or what you can and can’t do. Just simply being YOU is the gift.

Third, remember this quote:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?” Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God; your playing small doesn’t serve the world.” – Marianne Williamson


When the sticky ickies of insecurity start sniffing around, remember these three things.


Peace.Love.Joy, Sarah


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The 30 Day Challenge

I dig 30 day challenges. I like exploring the delicate line between discipline and self-kindness. And believe me, walking that line can be a challenge.

To help, I use a life changing tool – It’s a book by Cheri Huber called, “Making a Change for Good – A Guide to Compassionate Self-Discipline.”

So good.

Essentially you take some area of your life that you want to explore (this month – I’m taking out alcohol and adding pushups) and you dig in through some journaling, meditation and doing your practice of adding something or taking something away.

What comes up? Those delicious voices in your head that you get to take a look at…for example:

“Why are you doing this? You’re a grown-up. Do what you want!” – The Enabler

“What is your problem? Why can’t you make even these small changes?” – The Judge


And what you see eventually is that…your voices are not YOU. They are not your highest self. They are not full of grace and love…they’re punishing and ultimately causing you suffering.

Then – the BEST PART? – you get to distance yourself from them. And that distance permeates into ALL OF YOUR LIFE. You miss a workout? The Judge jumps in, “Why are you so lazy?” and you can respond however you like…me: “Hey Judge – shut the hell up. I’ve got this – thanks.”

It’s a quick read and it’s a great practice. If you do it, let me know how it goes.

Much peace, S


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