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Rant – Spot Training Followup

Hey! You may recall that I went on a tear about a problematic post that my certifying organization put out as part of their newsletter.

They responded.

They asked for my help for topics to include. So I thought I’d give you my list that I’m sending them.

But ALSO…what do you have? Add any in the comments. EDITED TO ADD: People have added comments and I have changed verbiage to my request via FB. I have added their comments below in red.

1. How important representation of all bodies is important in the fitness, wellness and health community.

2. How fitness professionals can be be more inclusive to people with different physical, mental abilities. Call it out/ name it for what it is….ABLEISM! Folks don’t use that word enough and in order to talk about oppression fully, ableism needs to be named. 

3. How EXPENSIVE it is to eat healthfully – and it’s hard to eat healthfully when you don’t have expendable income.

4. How to be inclusive to the LGBTQ community. (I JUST HEARD a trainer making fun of the way someone spoke who was a member of the LGBTQ community!!)

5. Representation of the trans community in your literature.

6. How to make information about health and wellness accessible to people who don’t have the resources to hire trainers, go to the gym, eat fruits & vegetables.

7. How to make our profession more represented by POC.

8. Cultural appropriation of yoga and how important it is for people who are white to dig into this topic for themselves.

9. Acknowledging and talking about the current research around being healthy and overweight.

10. Talking about the new faces of body positivity – and how that looks differently than you may think. There are people on the front lines pushing forward what this means – let me know if you need some recommendations.

11. That racism has SEVERE health repercussions on POC and QIPOC – not just with outright racism, but macro and microaggressions endured.

12. The lack of diversity in the industry doesn’t make it feel open or accessible to everyone.

13. Scholarships for people of color to receive their certifications as reparation for 400 years of oppression.

14. Sexism in the fitness industry.

15. Ageism in the fitness industry.

16. Bridging cultural barriers. Understanding that they exist and how can we serve.

17. That there is a huge connection between mental health and physical health.

18. Cutting edge research on gut health.

19. Cutting edge research on the importance of diaphragmatic breath on all of the systems.

20. That there is more to health and wellness than your size. Recognize that the “5 moves to leaner legs” is problematic!!

21. Representation of Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC)

22. Consider challenging fitness programs to not be gendered (e.g., Zumba are not solely for women and weight lifting is not solely for men, not girl pushups or boy pushups, not the women’s barbell/men’s barbell.)

23. Addressing disordered eating as a trainer. How important it is to understand the complexity of this issue as a trainer.

24. Post natal care for women and addressing how to safely move after a baby. 

25. Post natal care for women who have had c-sections and how to safely move after birth. 

26. How your body changes after children and how your body changes as you age. Represent the TRUTH in your images.

27. Different measures for fitness than losing weight or looking fit.

28. Helping trainers understand that people of size have a really hard time finding clothing and equipment that fit them. Also understanding that being a bigger person impacts things like shoes (we wear them out faster) and why it can be hard for people to get good shoes (running stores can feel really intimidating.)


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April Full Body Challenge Tools

We’re in the middle of the April Full Body Challenge. There are four movements (squats, pushups, situps, planks) at three different levels for the month.

This challenge is FREE and for everyone. You can do it on your own or do it with your friends. You can do it whenever you like once you have the details.

Click here for the details of the challenge! 

Why? Because movement is for everybody and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

So for one month you get some tools to help support you moving your beautiful body consistently.

I’ve been hosting a Facebook group for the month and putting tools in the group. I want these tools available to you. So you can either join the group by clicking here. Or check out these links – whatever works for you.

Welcome Video – Click Here

Pushup Options – Click Here

Links for Situp Options if Situps aren’t your jam: Core Stability is Sexy 1 and Core Stability is Sexy 2

Plank Best Practices & Modifications – Click Here

Soreness and Why it’s a Good Thing – Click Here

Squat Best Practices & Modifications – Click Here

Post Workout Mobility – Click Here

I hope these vids are helpful. 🙂

Much peace, Sarah

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Rant – Spot Training

So I was clicking through my continuing ed stuff and newsletter from the organization I am certified through (the American Council on Exercise.) Great organization – I’m proud to be certified through them.

But here’s what I see as one of the articles…


Oh. My. God. Are you freaking kidding me?? What year is this 1989? Does Jane Fonda want to do some leg lifts with me???

I facepalmed and started writing…

Articles with titles like this are problematic.

There’s so much about this clickbait title that makes me TIRED. ARE WE STILL REALLY THINKING THAT SPECIFIC LUNGE VARIATIONS CAN MAKE YOUR LEGS LEANER? Seriously?

Come on.

Here’s the deal. Ready?

1) Spot exercising is a hoax designed to get you to loathe your bod. YOUR BODY IS A BEAUTIFUL MACHINE MEANT TO BE CARED FOR…
2) Spot Exercising is a marketing gimmick. These exercises included in the article ARE great exercises to do, and doing them will make you stronger…that upping of your strength may make your whole body leaner, not just your legs.
3) The size of the muscles of your legs are determined by two things:
a) Genetics
b) How much load you are putting on your legs (more load, more muscular legs)
4) Your size in general is a combination of your activity level and what you eat and how much sleep you get and your stress level.

So…unhook from this kind of crap. It’s designed to make you click and it’s designed to make you want to ‘fix’ your body. You don’t need to be fixed. You are perfect as you are. Making choices that positively affect your health? That’s different than saying, “my tummy is too big, do more situps” or “my legs are big, do more lunges.”

Here’s some great information from ACE I used to write this Strength Manifesto! Enjoy.

Rant Over.

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Kickstarter – The Illusion of Balance

My whole life I’ve written poetry. It was my escape. My way to process. A way to use my love of words.

I never thought to share it until this year – the Universe pushed my back and had me share it with someone I didn’t know very well. I was shaking with fear. But something unexpected happened, she held space for me to feel the nercited feelings and in that vulnerability…I realized that I could share. That it would be ok. That the world would catch me as I leapt.

So I’m leaning into that. Because I believe we are all meant to create with our highest intention and put our stuff out there. My hope is to self-publish some paperbacks and some hard covers of my poetry. Around 200 poems.

My poems I hope will create opportunities for connection, healing and feeling. The collection is called “The Illusion of Balance.” Here is a sample from it:

My light
In the eye
Don’t turn away
If allowed
I will see
Yours too
We could

If you’d like to join me – click here to take you to my kickstarter page. 

And here is a video description of the project:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering supporting my Kickstarter.

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April Full Body Challenge


I’ve been thinking about how our bodies just love to be moved. They’re meant to stretch and squat and reach and carry.

Your body is a beautiful machine.

If you’ve been wanting to move your machine more, click here. It’s a full body challenge designed to get you moving a little more each day. At the end of the month, you’ll feel stronger.

The challenge is:

3 Different Levels
4 Different Movements
30 Days

Want in??
Click here for more details.

Click here if you want to see the video giving the movements and the ‘why’.

Much peace,

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Teenager vs. Middle Ager – Observations

When I was a teenager, I remember looking at older women and feeling a variety of feelings:

  • Mild Annoyance
  • Confusion
  • Embarrassment
  • Slight Contempt

Now that I am that older woman and I live with a teenager, it’s SO delightful to have the shoe on the other foot. (There might be some sarcasm in here…but honestly I really look at this as fertile ground.)

Example #1
Yesterday, we were driving home from school. I peeked in my rearview mirror and looked at the face of my teenager. It was closed and pinched tight. (This pic is of my pre-teen, but same concept…)


I looked at my own face and I was smiling at the world in the sunshine. My face was annoyingly open and I was loving the world around me.


Example #2
When we are in restaurants, on the street…anywhere really I look people in the eye and try and SEE them. “Hello.” “Good morning.” “How are you?”

My teenager furtively looks at people – seemingly as uncomfortable with looking them in the eye them as being seen. She’s slightly embarrassed by my chatting with people so openly.

BTW – she has read this and approved it, so I’m not gossiping about her. She wanted to clarify that she isn’t uncomfortable with looking at people on the street…but looking people in the eye is harder.

Example #3
I dance in my car, in my home, truth be told…I dance anywhere. (Black Sheep, “The Choice is Yours” xo)


My child used to join me in my dancing. It ended last year or so. No more family dance parties…

It seems like there is this time in the middle when we get super self-conscious for a REALLY LONG TIME. When we worry SO MUCH what the world thinks of us. Where we don’t know ourselves and are unsure of our place in it all.

And then apparently (at least in my case) you come out the other side standing in your 40’s and don’t give a flying f(&k. You stand in your power, your big S Self. It’s like coming out of a deep sleep…you wake up and look around and you SEE other people…you SEE your Self. You SEE how we’re ALL connected.

Is this just me? I don’t think so.

I look around and I see other women my age DOING SOME SERIOUSLY COOL SH&T. They are standing firmly in their power, looking other people in the eye, and saying, “HELLO.”

Maybe what I can’t figure out is if I feel a little bad for the young me, my teenager, other young people. I wish they could fast forward a bit…

Because let me tell you…this feels glorious.

(Any other middle-aged women feeling this???)

xo, Sarah

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My 2018 Vision Board

Here it is. I’ve already had a lot of movement in my areas of focus…it’s freaking me out in the best possible way. 3 More Days to get the EnVision Board Class, Practice and Workbook at 50% off – then I’m pulling it down. All of it will get dropped in your inbox to do in the comfort of your own home. Here’s the link. 

Click here to see it.

Peace, Sarah