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Start with LOVE

There is so much happening around us – locally in the Twin Cities, nationally, internationally. It’s enough to make you want to bow your head with the weight of it. It’s hard not to feel helpless, hopeless, afraid.

I don’t know much, but I know this:

One good thought can make a difference.

One kind action can make a difference.

One authentic exchange with another can make a difference.

One true smile with eye contact can make a difference.

Giving help when someone asks can make a difference.

Walking and talking and living in the space of love can make a difference.

We’re all leaves on the same tree.

One good thought -> One kind word -> One tender action.

One drop -> One ripple -> One Wave.

Namaste. S


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To Spanx or Not To Spanx?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how aging gives you a different perspective. Back when I was young I was more concerned with “What do I look like?” And now, as a middle-aged woman I am more concerned with, “How do I feel?”

But vanity doesn’t escape me. I’m getting ready to take my daughter to a ball. I pulled out my trusty full-length classic black CK from when I used to need such things. Ten+ years ago…

And let’s just say that things have changed.

It fits (wildly proud of this) but it’s…different.

Since I last wore the dress to black tie fundraisers and the Emmy’s…I’ve had two children and gotten older. My skin is different. My body is different. I’m different.

My first reaction to it was OH.MY.GOD.!!!!!!!



My second reaction to it was to start looking on the internet for Spanx.

About a half an hour into looking at various ‘support’ options…I started writing a post to my mommy group here in Saint Paul. I knew they’d hold me gently as I embraced the idea that I was going to have to buy some Spanx. Then…it turned into this blog. Because I realized that I wasn’t the only one to war with this decision.

I love myself. I love where I am. I love my beautiful body. It’s not perfect, but it suits me. And everything I stand for as a trainer is all about loving on your sweet self.

So isn’t buying Spanx kind of buying into the idea that I have to look a different way?

I think so. So I stepped slowly away from the girdles and support wear.

I need to think on this, but I’m not sure if I can get around buying it…it buys into something that makes me sad. That I need to suck it all in and be a certain way in order to be beautiful. And…that’s bullshit. I’m just right as I am.

Now…ask me again when I put the dress on to take my girl to the ball…I might have a crazed visit to the department store. But for now…I’m going to sit with it. I’m going to sit with the idea that I’m perfect as I am.

And so are you.

Peace, Sarah


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Issues in your Tissues

Do you think we hold things in our bodies? Physical trauma sure. What about emotional trauma? Do you think we kind of stick stuff away in little boxes?  In our minds, certainly. But what about in our bodies? Do you think we can have issues in our tissues?

Last month, I had my quarterly massage appointment with the amazing Stephanie. She does deep tissue work and also does energy work as she massages. As she was working on me, she ran her hands over the top part of my hips. All of a sudden, I burst out crying…and it wasn’t from pain. I was a little embarrassed and didn’t understand exactly what was happening. All I could think to myself was, “All my hopes and dreams were held in those two little areas….”

With her touch, Stephanie helped me to open a door that I’d locked – sealed – closed off…awhile ago.

The area she touched is the area my husband would put hormone shots twice daily for each round of in vitro fertilization that we went through. Five rounds. Three months each. Two shots a day.

I think I thought that because I had children…that it was time to tuck all of the feelings that go along with in vitro away and just be thankful that it worked.

And I am. I am SO grateful. There is no gratitude like the gratitude of a mother who receives the gift of a child by any means.

But also, tucked away in my body and unbeknownst to me were areas that I had not processed.

Pain. Sadness. Grief. Loss. Terror. Anger.

IVF taxed every aspect of me, us. Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Psychological, Relational, and probably a dozen more that I just can’t think of right now.

But I tucked it away…and replaced it with JOY. And DELIGHT. And GRATITUDE. Because it worked and I had two beautiful babies!!

And now, I realize…I’ve got issues in my tissues. There’s stuff that I’d locked away that needs to be unpacked and felt. My husband asked, “How are you going to do that?” Well…I’m not really sure. But I think more body work with people I trust to hold me gently as I feel my way through this. When stuff bubbles up, I’ll let it come. I’m ready now to feel instead of stuffing it away. I’m giving myself permission to see the shadow side of this experience that we went through in addition to the gratitude.

It leads me to wonder about all the stuff we stick away in order to not feel. Does it result in dis-ease? Is part of wellness allowing for all of the feelings instead of denying them? I’m kind of thinking yes…

Peace, Sarah


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Loud & Crowded

Most people who know me well know that I don’t like crowds. I’m not sure exactly when it started, but somewhere along the way the noise and the number of people around me really started to affect me. I started avoiding places that were Loud and Crowded.

So to take the kids to Disneyland/world…I had to mentally and emotionally ‘charge up’ ahead of time and at each, we only spent a day. Same goes for waterparks. And the school Carnival. And the Mall of America. And…well – seemingly anywhere there are fun things for kids to do, I have to ‘charge-up,’ get ready, armor up.

After the events, I am super depleted and very quiet.

Are you like this?

During Yoga Teacher Training – my teacher Teri was talking about how almost her entire life she was painfully shy. She could have NEVER imagined standing in front of groups of people teaching..and yet, there she was (and so relaxed and teaching with such ease.) She didn’t let her shyness make her life smaller…she pushed against her edges. It took practice, but she was able to expand past her shyness.

I walked up to her after class and said, “So…could it be possible to keep my center and well of energy in say…A CROWD?” She said, “Sure.”

Huh. I walked away knowing I’d have to sit with that one for a bit. I always thought that Loud and Crowded drained ME. That THEY were the culprits. But what if I could stay on my center and not allow it? What if I could not let anything or anyone drain me?

Yesterday my husband and I got tickets to the Green Bay / Seattle game at Lambeau Stadium. This is his idea of HEAVEN. He thrives in crowds and with a lot of people.

So in the middle of it, it was so thick that I had to walk behind him – I was gripping his hand for dear life. People were all around me and the DIN was unbelievable. I found myself shallow breathing and really losing my center.

I shut my eyes…and I took a deep breath…and I willed myself back to my center…to my calm place…to the place where I hang out most regularly. And I kept doing it throughout the evening.

I’d like to tell you that it wasn’t exhausting…it was. But it was also FUN. I’d like to tell you that we didn’t spend almost the entire car ride today in silence…but we did. I’d like to say that I was full up and ready to go another round for something Loud and Crowded…but I’m not.

Here’s what I learned…I don’t want to spend my life avoiding Loud and Crowded. Because often FUN accompanies them. But what I may start practicing is being mindful during Loud and Crowded situations so that maybe I can keep more and more reserves of energy. Maybe then I can feel more FULL and less DEPLETED.

Practice, practice, practice.
Much peace,


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New Stuff – Leaning in

Back when my husband was my boyfriend and we were both licking our wounds from bruised hearts – we would remind each other again and again, “Lean in.” (This was before this was a hot button couple of words and a superselling book…)

For us it meant – Lean into our fear. Lean into each other. Lean into our hope. Lean into our belief. Lean in.

Because this place, though frightening, is really fertile ground. It’s a place where you can throw in a couple of seeds and it will bear fruit. What kind of fruit may surprise you…but trust me, it will bear fruit.

There’s a bunch of new stuff on my plate lately that scares me…and that makes me super uncomfortable. Who doesn’t like to hang out in safety? But I KNOW from all of my experiences leaning in, that these experiences will bear me fruit beyond my imaginings.

Think on it…what are you putting off? What are you avoiding? What makes you nervous? What do you want to do, but are too afraid to try?

Lean in. You got this. Trust. There’s fruit in abundance.

Much peace,



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Vacation Blues – Part 1

I love vacation. It is a time to kind of shut my brain off and do what I want instead of doing what I ‘should’ be doing. When my husband and I got back from our honeymoon years ago, we both wondered how to bring that feeling you have on vacation into life.

Every vacation since, that idea has been on my mind…How do you bring that vacation feeling into life?

This week – I was trying to figure out what it was…that I didn’t have to worry about while on vacation.

  • Think about the calendar.
  • Think about responsibility.
  • Think about work.
  • Think about the house.
  • Think about scheduling life.
  • Think about what I eat (you kind of have to do your best on vacation…)
  • Think about social media.

So.  Life.  All of the stuff on my list…it’s life. And my life brings me JOY AND PLEASURE…so why does it feel so good to drop it?

Maybe the question isn’t how to bring vacation into life – but how can I make my life feel like a vacation?

I have this quote on my Vision Board and it says this, “Any activity done with love and presence is a spiritual practice.”

Hm. What if we brought the joy and the relaxed into the mundane or stressful?

I’mma gonna think on that and if you have any thoughts, lemme know.

Namaste, S


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At the end of my classes – I pass around a Ball jar filled with little strips of paper. I tell the class, “Take whichever one makes your fingertips tickle.” intention jar

They walk away with an affirmation. It may seem silly, but I believe in the POWER.OF.WORDS. What we say to ourselves goes straight to our subconscious mind and can make a huge difference in our life outlook.

Imagine telling yourself all of the time, “That was dumb. Why do I always do such dumb things? I am so stupid.”

Firstly…ack. It makes my heart hurt. But think about how much of this subconscious negative self-talk we engage in. About our bodies…about our minds…about our faces…about our interactions. We BOMBARD our inner self with negative zingers all the time.

What if we stopped? What if we changed our words to affirm ourselves, to love ourselves, to comfort ourselves, to build ourselves up? What if the words we poured into our minds and bodies and spirits were beautiful and loving?

I think we’d be a hell of a lot happier. Inside and out.  And happiness? That’s part of wellness.

I put the words from those little strips of paper on some beautiful flowers my daughter colored. And every day for the month of September, I’ll send them to your e-mailbox.  If you’re interested, please send me your e-mail address in the subject line to turinofitness@gmail.com

In the interim, see if you can start catching the negative and stop it. Then see if you can insert some gentle, some love, some sweet care.

Namaste, S


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