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It’s all going south.

I like it when three completely different things present themselves to you as gifts from the Universe and they all illustrate the same thing in different ways.

First thing – A conversation with my neighbor Joan. We were talking about our parents getting older and how difficult that is for us to see. For each of us the takeaway was to MOVE AS MUCH AS WE CAN, WHILE WE CAN.

Second thing – I’m at the gym in the changing room and the beautiful women of the Water Aerobics are drying off and naked. And most of them are senior citizens. They are laughing and seemingly at home and content in their bodies. They are beautiful. They are fit. I admire them. I want to be like them when I grow up.

Third thing – a woman came to my class. Lovely, strong, full of life. She is living with Multiple Sclerosis. And when I asked the class to run down a hill, she wept. She wept because she used to be able to run down hills, and now she can’t. Now, with a determined look on her face, she concentrates on her balance and she walks down that hill. This woman was a runner, a mountain climber, a MOVER. She grieves the loss of ability in her body, and yet pushes herself to do her very best in what she CAN do.

We spend a lot of energy….wait, no, we WASTE a lot of energy disliking our bodies and wishing that they were different. So much energy wasted despising, wishing, working, coveting, loathing….

And here’s the deal people. It’s all going south. For each and every one of us eventually….it’s all going south. Eventually the skin sags around the muscle and things loosen up. Unless you are going to get a body lift (is there even such a thing?) it’s coming for all of us…

So when are we going to love ourselves? Love this shell that we’ve been given that holds our beautiful selves? Take care of it, move it, stretch it…but moreover – be grateful that we CAN do what we do.

If we take a wider view of our beautiful selves…not so myopic on our bellies, butts, jiggly arms, sagging jowels and zoomed out a bit. Maybe we could see how lovely we are as a whole. How nice it is to be right where we are…right here, right now.

Love the body you’re in. It’s part of wellness. Let go of the blaming, shaming, self-disgust, frustration. Embrace love, admiration, celebration and delight.

Please. And please stop letting marketing and sales geniuses define what beautiful is. It’s crap. Healthy? Yes. Eating well because it contributes to your wellness? Yes. Moving because it makes you feel good inside and out? Yes. But dieting yourself into submission because people say that’s what size you ‘should’ be? No. Working out obsessively because you want to look like xyz? No.

It’s all going south people.

Until then. Love your beautiful selves. Be grateful. Delight in yourself. Focus on health and wellness. Spread love around to others….and to yourself.


Whitefish Lake, Whitefish, Montana.

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Our family just got back from vacation.  It was a slice of heaven tucked into the Northwest corner of Montana.  I learned something – or relearned it – or was reminded of it – I guess?  I like to move.  My body likes to move. 

But the thing is…I’ve been ‘in training’ for the whole summer.  And with training, comes structure.  And I relax into structure.  There is some comfort in knowing what you have to do and when you have to do it.  It’s a building of blocks one at a time moving you forward toward a goal. 

Just before vacation, I was faced with a choice.  I was having physical challenges during my runs that weren’t getting better.  It was turning my training ‘not fun’ and my body was speaking to me in the form of some serious back discomfort.   So – I had two choices.

One.  Hang in there.  Gut it out.  Try to figure it out.  Go to my Muscle Activation Specialist and my Massage Therapist who specializes in myofascial release.  Man before my vacation we were trying to figure.it.out.  On top of their amazing work…Yoga? Check.  Physical Therapy exercises?  Check.  Obsessive stretching?  Check.  Rolling?  Check. 

Or two.  Step away and let my body settle down and enjoy my vacation. 

After some soul searching and listening to my body, I gave up on my goal to complete another marathon and picked NUMBER TWO. 

And let me tell you – enjoy my vacation is what I did.  I took two weeks OFF.  I swam.  Hiked.  Whitewater rafted.  Played with my kids.  Climbed.  Descended.  Ran around.  Walked.  Spelunked.  Canoed.  Alpine sledded.  Ziplined.  Biked.  Did this cool suspended ropes course.  It.was.just.awesome. 

I realized that as much as I like the structure of training…I also really liked just incorporating movement into my day. 


Exercise programs are great.  They provide you with direction – a goal – a structure.  Good stuff. 

But also…moving around in your daily living.  Seeking out movement in a way that makes you happy.  That is also really, really good.  

Have a dance party in your kitchen.  Go for a walk around the block.  Go for a bike ride with a friend.  Take a swim in a lake.  Streeeeetch.  Clean your house.  Garden.  Help a friend move.  Lift some boxes in your basement.  Take piles of bags to Goodwill.  Put together some shelves from IKEA. 

Move.  Move.  Move. 

Your body was meant to move. 

Peace.  Love.  Joy.



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The Mantra

It was humid. It was sticky. And the pain in my back was starting in the very middle of a very long run. What to do? I stopped to stretch with the gnats swirling around me…and ate a bar and tried to regroup. My back was screaming…

I was feeling dejected. You know when you think you do EVERYTHING right and nothing is going as you planned?? I strength trained all winter knowing that I was going to be running, running, running – in training for a marathon. I rolled. I stretched. I was ready, right?

Now…mid season and halfway there – back pain that scared me enough to consider dropping my training.


Have you ever been somewhere in or around this place? Not the same exact place of course…but somewhere in this place? Planning on something. Optimism brimming. Getting ready for months to do something? Excited. Hopeful.

And then something happens that gets in the way of your PLAN. Stops you. Slows you down. Rears its ugly head and bites you in the ass.

I freaking hate that.

I’ve done a lot of work to remember that I’m not the driver of the bus…but I do try and set myself up for success. And here I was…sweaty, in pain, unsure if I could finish, and frustrated.


I started running again…and with each breath I let something positive come out.


Then, it narrowed down to the basics…


again and again and again and again…with each step.

I have to tell you that it didn’t result in no pain, light feet, or a delightful run. But. I did finish. It wasn’t pretty. But I did finish.

When you’re in that place? That place where you feel despair, frustration, socked in, locked up…your very own power can set you free. Simply by saying the words.

They may not ring true when you’re in the middle of it, but they’ll remind you of your power. You are speaking directly to your subconscious.

Each of us is incredibly powerful. Powerful beyond measure. You just have to believe it. And say it. And if you don’t believe it? Keep saying it.

What you speak, you create.

Namaste & Peace,


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Why Strength Train? A manifesto…

“Muscle is metabolically active tissue that is highly responsive to the stimuli of progressive resistance exercise. With appropriate training, muscles grow and become stronger; without appropriate training, muscles diminish and become weaker.” –American Council on Exercise

I have so many people that ask me about how to lose weight. And even though my message is about loving yourself and embracing yourself wherever you are on your wellness journey, I get it. I think you can love yourself and still want to be healthier and want to make changes.

The problem is there’s a lot of shaming stuff out there. Stuff that makes you feel less than. Especially about nutrition. I’m not going to talk about that today. But I will say this – if you can just be as consistent as possible with eating really good, really whole food in healthy amounts. That would probably be all you’d need to get you where you want to be. In addition, if you are eating when you aren’t hungry, start journaling and figure out what emotions trigger you to use food for comfort. Then, you can start really giving yourself what you need emotionally instead of turning to food…which doesn’t really comfort you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND “Women, Food and God” by Geneen Roth. Or, check out her website at www.geneenroth.com.

Ok I digress. So after the food thing can get looked at with some tenderness and care, the next thing is STRENGTH TRAINING. Yeppers – it’s time to GET STRONG.

And here’s why – (thank you American Council on Exercise for giving me some fantastic words around all of this) READ THE WHOLE LIST…IT WILL BLOW YOUR EVER-LOVIN’ MIND.

*Feeling STRONG. Important…no?

*A decrease in depression.

*Improved posture.

*Improved tensile strength in tendons and ligaments.

Improved bone mineral density which may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

*Injury prevention. – Muscles serve as shock absorbers and balancing agents. Balanced muscle development reduces the risk of overuse injuries that result when one muscle group is strong and the opposing muscle group is weak.

*Raised resting metabolic rate. Even during sleep, resting skeletal muscles are responsible for more than 25% of the body’s calorie use. More muscle = higher metabolic rate. In a matter of WEEKS you can improve your resting metabolic rate.

*Improves metabolism. – After a hard workout – you can raise your metabolic rate by 7-8% for 3 DAYS.

*Results in more calories burned on a daily basis.

*Raised lean muscle mass looks pretty good on a body – enhanced self confidence.

*Improved body composition, which reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

*Lowers resting blood pressure.

*Improves blood lipid profiles.

*Facilitates movement of food and waste through gastrointestinal system. Four months of basic resistance exercise increases GI transit speed by 56% in older men!! Why is this important? May reduce risk of colon cancer!!

*Stronger muscles = reduction or disappearance in low back pain.

*Reduced pain of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

*Improved functional ability in older adults – Also in one study, older adults who performed 6 months of circuit training experienced positive adaptations in 179 GENES associated with age and exercise, giving their muscles mitochondrial characteristics similar to those of young adults.

Taken together…these benefits enhace the quality of life and lower the risk of premature all-cause mortality.

Now…let’s talk about aging.

Age alert…Physical capacity decreases dramatically with age in non-strength training adults due to an average 5-pound per decade loss of muscle tissue. You want to maintain your physical capacity and performance? Make strength training a regular part of your life.

BUT GUESS WHAT ELSE – that 5-pound per decade muscle loss leads to a 3% per decade reduction in your resting metabolic rate. That reduction = weight gain. When less energy is required for daily metabolic function, the calories that were previously used by muscle tissue (that has since atrophied due to disuse) are stored as fat.


Everyone wonders why they gain weight as they get older…this is why. “But I’m not eating any differently”…you don’t need to! Your reduction in muscle is doing the trick.

So, if you’re a person who grew up in the 80’s…we were told cardio, cardio, cardio. For the good of your heart, you bet! Get some cardio exercise in a way that pleases you. But for the love of all things good and right in the world…STRENGTH TRAIN.

And before you go all crazy and start doing plyo pushups or go buy some crazy DVD’s…I’d like to urge you to visit your nearest trainer or a gym with trainers. Why? Because then you can learn about form. Trainers can help you learn how to do strength exercises properly. Most trainers are taught to ‘straighten before you strengthen’ and that simply means – we’ll look for postural deviations and weaknesses and help you correct those before adding load to your work. This helps prevent injury.

Ok. Woohoo! Get after it. 

self talk

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Negative Self Talk

Today my daughter said something like, “ACK I almost forgot my water bottle!” then she whacked her head and then said, “that would have been dumb of me.”

Quicker than quick, my husband says to her, “Be careful with that kind of talk Ava.” They proceeded to have a discussion about self talk and how powerful it is.

I’ve been wrestling with some negative self talk lately. I have a big exam coming up and over the course of the past six months or so – these are the statements that have swirled around me – in my head, out of my mouth, around and around…

“I’m not a good test taker.”
“I have a lot of anxiety around test taking”
“I’m not good at math”
“It seems like I can’t remember ANYTHING”


Self talk. How does the saying go? “Be careful with self talk – it’s a conversation with the Universe.”

I find it ironic that I teach this to my clients, to my children, and yet this ONE BIG RED PAINFUL SCARY SPOT brings my self talk back down to self defeating, self flagellation, self doubt.

So for the past two weeks or so I’ve been trying to practice what I preach.

I can.
I am.
I will.

Words that I apparently need tattooed on my body so that I can remember them better.

I can.
I am.
I will.

No negatives, just positives.

I can pass this test. I can do this. I can do anything.
I am brilliant. I am capable. I am smart. I am great at retaining and recalling information.
I will be confident and calm while taking this test. I will rock this test. I will pass this test.

What are you telling yourself today? What words are you telling yourself that are dragging you down? Making you feel less than? What beliefs do you have about yourself that aren’t REAL, but you keep telling yourself the words and therefore reinforcing the belief?

Enough now.

Words are powerful. And they can change your reality.

So – take a listen. And then, replace the negative self talk with something good. Even if it seems absurd. Or unrealistic.

(Believe me…it was really difficult for me to type ‘I am brilliant’…)

And keep replacing them…until you’re not saying them anymore. Because you’re worth it. And you’re deserving. And you need to be your own advocate.

I am.
I can.
I will.


Courtesy Jess Hanson

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The House with Four Rooms

Take a ride if you will with me in the wayyyback machine – back to 1988. AAAAHHH! I was in college and besides having larger than normal hair, I was balancing 3-4 jobs, going to school full time and… searching for something.

It took me a good 25 years to find it, but what happened on a particular day in 1988 stuck with me.

I lived in a house with many young women and, as you can imagine, there were many boys coming and going from this house.

One of these boys, threw me a lifechanger.

I was 19 years old, and he threw me something that has hung with me for all this time. I don’t remember who he was, or if he was there with me or a roommate. I don’t remember his name or any details except for what he told me.

What he said was, “Sarah – a human is like a house made up of four rooms. Physical. Emotional. Intellectual. Spiritual. And those rooms must be aired out each day.”

Umm….. YES. YES. YES.


We are like houses made up of four rooms:

Physical – Get out and move your body in a way that pleases you each day. Delight in the complex, amazing, beautiful you. Stretch. Walk. Hug. Move.

Emotional – Share of your beautiful self with others and open yourself to receiving the gift of others. Share air. Share thoughts. Share time. Share your gifts. Love freely.

Intellectual – Read things that challenge you, inspire you, teach you. Try new things. Go new places. Learn about different people, different cultures. Travel. Eat different food. Talk to people about things that make you think. Ask questions. Be a lifelong learner.

Spiritual – Connect with the Divine in a way that makes sense to you and resonates with you. Feel the deep connection with each other and with the collective. Open yourself up to the big mystery – LOVE. Quiet your mind so that you can feel it, hear it, and be one with it.

And all of these rooms need to be opened up and aired out every day. For balance. For harmony. For connection. For wholeness.

So – dear, sweet boy whose face I don’t remember, name I don’t remember, reason we were having this deep conversation in my rental house on Wright St. in Marquette, Michigan circa 1988 that I don’t remember…

Thank you. Thank you for teaching me something that I’ve tried to honor as best as I could, all of my life. I hope others will benefit from your wisdom as much as I did.



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Spring Partner Class Signup

Grab your partner (or friend! or relative! or work associate! or sibling!) and sign up for my 4 week Partner Class. Come move your body and do some cool exercises that require two people. These are be amazing workouts that are fun to do together and will strengthen your bodies AND your relationships. We may have a visitor or two to help with a couple of classes that specialize in – Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga. SO COOL!

PLUS!! CHILDCARE IS PROVIDED. Our babysitter is 16 years old and has been babysitting many children (including my own since they were babies.) She is responsible, loving and fun – AND American Red Cross Certified. The kids can play at the playground while you get a great workout.

Partners Class is a 4 week series with pre-registration required! To reserve your slot, please e-mail me at turinofitness@gmail.com and let me know if you want to sign up!

Mondays – June 2, 9, 16, 23 – Make up Wednesday June 25
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Linwood Rec. Center
St. Clair & Victoria
Cost – 100.00 per pair, 110.00 for families with kids

*Classes may be canceled due to inclement weather. You will be contacted 30 minutes prior to class via e-mail if cancellation is needed


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